Eye Safety – The 20/20/20 Rule – Computer Vision Syndrome



Working on a computer can put great strain on your eyes. Research shows that eye problems from staring at a computer screen is more common than most people realize.

Depending on how long you spend looking at a brightly lighted screen, you are likely to experience at least some symptoms of eye trouble, as well as neck, back and shoulder pain.

This short video gives a brief explanation of the dangers of Computer Vision Syndrome, then explains a very simple, very effective solution called the 20/20/20 Rule.

For example, when we focus on a computer screen, we blink our eyes far less than normal. Failure to blink regularly, such as when staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, can cause drying of the eyes. That’s why, at the end of the workday, your eyes are tired, red, and irritated.

If you work on a computer, or use one at home, school or anywhere else for any period of time, you should know and apply the 20/20/20 rule explained in this video. It will help you avoid the multitude of physical problems associated with Computer Vision Syndrome.

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    If you feel neck and shoulder pain, then it is mainly due to radiation of computer. Check your computer colour (white balance). It is not perfect white, grey and black, and slightly red, then change your monitor and buy a new one of other make and brand. Don' t use HP monitor, they are emitting high radiation and creating neck and shoulder pain and thyroid problem. Use DELL monitor instead of HP monitor and avoid unnecessary health problems.


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