Exquisite Food To Spice Up Your Love Life 😘


WE’RE GOING ON A DATE! 🥰 Spice up your love and date life with the options we’re bringing to you in today’s episode – we’ve got Thai, fusion, and incredible cakes!

Introduction 0:00

1. Suk’s Thai Kitchen (Sponsored) 1:30
136 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217699
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 11am–3pm, 5–10.30pm
Sat-Sun 11am–10.30pm

-Green Curry Chicken $12
-Fried Sea Bass with Suk’s Thai Chilli $28
-Thai Fish Maw $14
– Red Tom Yum Soup with Prawns $12

2. Luna Singapore (Sponsored) 7:01
53 Amoy St, Singapore 069879
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 12–6.30pm
Sat-Sun 12–4pm

– Yuzu Meringue $8
– Orh Nee $8
– Hojicha Tiramisu $8
– Goman Kinako Mochi Roll $8
– Chocolate Truffle $8

3. Slake 13:18
15 Swan Lake Ave, Singapore 455711
Opening hours:
Sun-Thurs 11am–2.30pm, 6–9.30pm
Fri-Sat 11am–2.30pm, 6–10pm

– Tempura Pork Belly Char Shu $12
– Buratta $23
– XXL Curry Fried Chicken $16
– Smoked Luncheon Meat Pate $14
– Crispy Rice Noodle $16

Favourites 17:30

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  1. Ryan Sylvia says

    Where do y'all go for your dates? 😍

  2. Fried Chicken in Town says

    It's nina's first Thai song!!!

  3. Jacob 007 says

    You guys definitely have ran out of ideas for your intro…

  4. Cheryl Cheong says

    Suk’s Thai kinda sucks though

  5. Jonak Kashyap says

    Why does Aiken sit like an old fat man🤣😂?

  6. Christina Julie says

    Nina looks annoying tho

  7. Iman Haziq says

    damn they slowly becoming Preston🤣🤣

  8. Syarah Suhaili says

    Nina is me when she danced at the end of the show

  9. YQ Wong says

    I wanna dine at Nina's house

  10. Slaking Koh says

    Hi alken i love your video😃😃

  11. Xavier Leong says

    Nina got three drink because she from The Thirsty Sisters

  12. Rachel Leong says

    This is the era where Nina teaches Aiken tips for dates 😂 Now, just let this comment stay here.

  13. salad says

    "the whole factory downsize to this" -ryan 2020

  14. Ray Tan says

    Daisy's dream kitchen for peranakan food.

  15. WooshaBaloo says

    7:16 looks so delicious and yummy.

  16. WooshaBaloo says

    I would LOVE to have a meal with these three.
    Ryan, Looking good brother!

  17. Nobody says

    11:59 Nina WTF

  18. Day Lee says

    Please show nina this please. Nina I saw you at Chong Pang on Wednesday at 11.30a.m. You were with your mom. Now I know how you are so beautiful because your mom is so beautiful.
    Why are you still single when you are so beautiful? I LOVE YOU NINA! ❤💛💚💙💜
    BTW I also live in Yishun and My mom works next to your office. Please show nina this please! And give me a shout out in her next live stream on noc plays thanks! 💕

  19. 그레이스제이슨 says

    Finally found this channel again! This is so funny lmao. A question tho, is the indian guy not going to show up again or is the format of the show is changing host for every video?

  20. Stanley Wong says

    Ladies say aye to gender equality.

  21. Lucas Choo says

    Good episode, perfect synergy among the 3 hosts.

  22. shay min lee says

    I really really wanna watch a whole series of teaching Aiken how to be the perfect date and husband material. Loll

  23. D T says

    Yesssssss, Nina is back….please have Nina in all episodes so I will watch them all….

  24. David chang says

    Nina my crush 🥰

  25. Abhijith Padmakumar says

    I literally smelled the chocolate through my screen

  26. Chloe Allina says

    Who else realize Aiken’s favorite word now in every episode you will confirm sure hear “umami”.

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