1. Adrian Gaming says

    25:01 Reminds me of announcer from Shrek Super Slam

  2. pug muteki says
  3. GBProductions84 says

    If anyone wants to understand why there was a videogame crash in 1983, this is it. Badly made games with no quality control. The fact that it's all on a Nintendo platform of all things is irony that smacks you so hard, it caves in your skull.

  4. Axolotl Studios says

    Imagine someone remaking Ninjabread Man in Unreal Engine

  5. Eugene Jenkins says

    The ending song on this video just feels like you should "DAB" with a big "FU" to these shotty Games..

  6. Danish Adham says

    "They just a same game!"
    I suprised we don't talk about EA.

  7. Pauldjreadman says

    There is indeed a lot of bad games. I am amazed they get released in the first place. So the Zool designers threw it out? Says a lot. If this game is that bad how come it passed tests for release?

  8. Krabztakrabz says

    you got me at the start

  9. Jonathan Levitz says

    DDI was the LJN of the PS2!

  10. Ryan Smith says

    I actually had Anubis II as a kid. I recall being so confused that I just quit the game and never tried to play it again.

  11. Ian Stuckey says

    Last year I made what COULD be considered a remake of Ninjabread Man. It involved cookie cutters in martial arts poses and my Grandmothers recipe for ACTUAL gingerbread. They were delicious, I'll probably make another batch this year too.

  12. Joshua Soper says

    i actually played breadman when i was 8 and thought almost nothing of it, the only thing i remember is that the unique nunchuck instruction graphic that appears after starting like how they have graphics for using the wii remote for every other game, good thing i just rented from blockbuster and didn't officially own it.

  13. Diana Ball says

    ninjabread man was in gaming all stars

  14. EarlFaulk says

    Crap quality leading to a quick collapse? Oh dear…how naive you are. Ford, GM, BMW, Jaguar, DDI, THQ, etc…..only two of those companies are bankrupt.

  15. ahmad malake says

    What game by ddi that wasn't awful they made ton of games and all of them or I think are awful

  16. SR GARMADON says

    Hey rerez do a review of the zeebo console

  17. jbcooler ninja says

    they should review fallout 76 like and reply to this comment if you agree

  18. Zenks ren says

    One of my college teachers used to work at Data Design, no joke. Also there's early screenshots of Ninjabread Man out there with a different character model for the title character, hard to believe this game actually has prototypes when it is one

  19. NiGHTcapD says

    15:26 Looks like you found yourself in Gay Baby Jail. What are you in for?

  20. Mmm Applesauce says

    “Uh huh huh, thankyouverymuch”

  21. Praise The Sun says

    I see your Don Hertzfeldt reference.

  22. damian serah says

    hey bubsy 3d,see this

  23. gnbman says

    Ninjabread's gameplay was so bad, a crappy 90's mascot was too good for it.

    It's so bad, it caused a certain YouTube personality to reveal his penis-laden meetups just so he would have something to talk about while playing.

  24. Corvus says

    No wonder why so many videogame G.O.D.S are evil!

  25. Nitroskull says

    Remember Don't learn piglin to make games or else you get this

  26. Phycozy says

    13:33 Phoenix Games, your time will come soon…

  27. Patrick Lee says

    Blameitonjorge would agree with you.

  28. Molly Anderson says

    Can you do a review of Call of duty WAW: Final fronts on the ps2???

  29. sparkysparker says

    here's a more in-depth version of my opinion: his videos are good and he does a job job of explaining how things work (or don't work) ,but his jokes just fall FLAT. hard. they always seem rushed and unfunny. and i think they're pretty dumb. so basically, he's good at commentary, but not comedy.

  30. Gilamex says

    I actually vividly remember buying ninjabread man when I was a kid. I was like, 10, and I felt so bad about it that, to this day, it is the only game I have ever returned.

  31. EpicAnimeKid says

    This game makes Sonic 06 and Sonic Forces look like masterpieces!

    (Honestly, I think they already are but whatever)

  32. Krimson Klaww says

    So it's like a more obvious version of EA and their sports games.

  33. Jason Ross says

    Rerez, I like the way you went back to basics and started doing the types of content that got you where you are in the first place. Last year I unsubbed because you weren't doing the type of videos I subbed for in the first place and then I saw you reviving your old series like Positives and Negatives and you've won me back. Keep on doing what you do, and I'd love to see your channel bounce back and really hit the big growth you deserve.

  34. Abra Cadabra says

    Honestly. You guys should do videos on recent games.
    Because theres been a lot of shitty games that came out in just the past few years alone.
    After buying and trying some for myself. I can say.
    …. ITS …. JUST … BAD

  35. Sean Carroll says

    Now I can easily compare Warner Animation group with DDI. Thanks, reviewers.

  36. Morphekko says

    Wait a minute, I think this game just confirmed Sonic 06 a year before with the death to that goop in Ninjabread Man, cause the EXACT same thing happens, when sonic dies to the lava in Sonic 06, he lays there like ginger dude over here, can't believe a poorly produced game predicted another poor game they didn't even collab with or know of.

  37. Oshabot 16 says

    Oh boy

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