Experience the LG SIGNATURE with an international lifestyle endorser 'Olivia Palermo'


Experience the prestige of LG SIGNATURE with an international style icon and lifestyle endorser, Olivia Palermo (Discover more at:

LG SIGNATURE is highlighting the art of luxury living with its beautifully designed, cutting-edge products and help from international style authority, Olivia Palermo. A name that has quickly become synonymous with luxury living, she is an obvious choice for the role of LG SIGNATURE Lifestyle Endorser.

Offering convenience-enhancing features and effortless management, the LG SIGNATURE allows her to relax and fully enjoy her time away from her relentless schedule of meetings, fittings and international travel.

Together with LG SIGNATURE, a brand that combines art and technology to deliver the highest quality, Palermo will showcase the essence of bespoke, luxury living.

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  1. Jana Eriksen says

    Guys, where is that green satin robe from?😍😍😍

  2. Michael Truly says

    what is the name of this song?

  3. Good Vibes says

    Lg customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. They charged us 300 bucks and never fixed dryer nd then refused to give money back that they essentially stole.

  4. Matt Signorelli says

    Search Google for LG fridge class action lawsuit. A nationwide class action lawsuit has been filed against LG because so many of their compressors are failing! I have a $1500 LG refrigerator that is only three years old and is completely dead. Repair shops no longer want to do business with LG. They are refusing to do LG warranty work. Which means LG is unable to repair my fridge, which is still under warranty because it’s only three years old. I will advise anyone reading this comment to absolutely not buy LG appliances or products. Their customer service is pathetic! It’s as bad as it gets. They do not care and will run you around in circles until you eventually just give up. LG is refusing to honor their own warranty and they don’t have any repair technicians to do any warranty work. If you choose to buy an LG products and it breaks while still covered by its warranty, you are on your own. Don’t waste your money. Don’t buy LG products.

  5. コンスタンティヌスです says

    What is the title of the song?
    I feel in love at first sight 😻

  6. Pixie T says

    Amazing. I was in the process of buying a new washer and dryer.. this commercial solidified a LG set for me! I love her!

  7. 피트브래드 says

    She is dazzling. And, so is LG SIGNATURE. I like this one very much.

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