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Take a look at all of our ‘Supernatural’ covers with Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins over the years.
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See all your favorite celebs spill things you never knew. Scarlett Johansson reveals when the OG Marvel stars really believed the Avengers could work, the ‘Supernatural’ cast shares untold on-set secrets, and much more:

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EW’s ‘Supernatural’ Covers Over The Years | Entertainment Weekly

  1. Dithya Weerasinghe says

    Excuse me while I go and cry in a corner 😢😭😭😭💔

  2. Hannah Hensley says

    You didn’t have to do us so dirty EW 😭💔

  3. Shanedog Acrylics says

    That very
    AST episode, so very sad- like guy wrenching 😢

  4. Beebread says

    The 3 of them have such good chemistry. I’m going to miss seeing them together so much

  5. XChristineX says

    This made me cry, I love these three guys so so much, they changed my life and it just hit me that the show really is over, I'm gonna miss it so much! 😭

  6. Mary Kate says

    Cried buckets at the end of the last episode.

  7. Кристина Кострубей says


  8. Tess Howdieshell says


  9. grace Lockhart says

    All spn fans watching this video:

    Spn fans(maybe): THIS IS CALLED TORTURE!!!

  10. Niall James Gallagher Horan says

    Jensen why so hot ❤️

  11. ROBO Bow says

    This shit kills me bruh lol, they held it down

  12. Reshmila Nawar says

    I'm lost without Supernatural.

  13. Bonny McDonald says

    Gonna miss this show & these guys together so ‘effing much

  14. Rita Dósa says

    Thank You 🤍

  15. Tom Lawal says

    Is it sad that I already want a Supernatural reunion

  16. Soukaina Lahdiri says

    I just can't! 😭😭 2020 is taking everything good away!! I love this show so much! Thank you for 15 years

  17. Marlene Sheffield says

    I am not crying…you're crying!😢

  18. JacobCarlisle says

    1:08 Totally teared up!

  19. Par pa says

    I am not OK 😭

  20. Celeste Gomes says


  21. Taylor says

    Ok can we now have like a prequel show but the two leads are women this time, I think that would be so cool. I’m so sad the show is over what will I do with myself now lol that why I want a prequel or spin off show PLEASE

  22. Aung Kyaw Zin says

    The greatest pair of brothers in TV history.

  23. Taxi Turn says

    Who’s here after the series finale ?? 😢😢😢

  24. perfectly imperfect23 says

    When you wanna smile and cry watching this!

  25. viki valov says

    OH Boys I Will Mees You Winchester Boys FOREVER

  26. Ælv Dev says

    i'm gonna miss you so much

  27. Nur Deanna says

    Who is the 4 idjits that dislike this? I guess there will always some miserable people on this earth! SMH

  28. Corinne Gandolphe says

    J'adore cette série de Supernatural je vous regarde 👁️ tout les jours et je vous kiffe ❤️❤️moi c'est Dean et ma fille Sami et bien sûr Castel ,de toute façon vous êtes tous superbes 👍👏❤️❤️

  29. sara tfkh says

    1:18 Ugh I LOVE them so much tonight is gonna be hard af saying bye to Sam an Dean <3 :,,,,(

  30. sara tfkh says

    1:09 this is Sam and Dean <3

  31. Ada L says

    Will really miss em /-( were really great actors/-)

  32. siobhan thomas says

    so many tears right now

  33. Elvira Marin Valverde says

    Me gustan sobrenatural pero los dos💋💋

  34. Reva says

    This really made me cry oof

  35. M M says

    Misha ? Third wheeling so much ?

  36. Heather Quinn says

    0:14, 1:07 and 1:47 are all so poignant, they make me fall in love with all of their friendships, both real and scripted, all over again. Sooooooo much love there! It's so beautiful it hurts. 💗💗💗

  37. blinkfilms1 says

    i cant do this im going to collapse

  38. cubic dust says

    I don't know how much they paid them to do it but it was worth every penny

  39. Saffa S.H says

    If I could come out with a name for the action of 'laughing and crying at the same time', I would. These angels are amazing, this whole show is underrated. They will always be a reason for someone to smile :))

  40. KHWendy28 says

    I dislike EW for making me Cry so much. I have collected all of those Mags over the years I just love this show so much and will miss it some much that I am crying right now commenting but thank you EW for a great video too a great show.

  41. Ania Colins says

    This been edited (Really beautifully!) out of hours of footage. And I want ALL OF IT!!
    Come on, EW! You know we will sit and watch them all! Release them! Please?!😭😭😭

  42. Beatriz Moraes says

    this is so beautiful <3
    and Jensen at 2:20 looks like he's saying "thank you" to jared

  43. Samantha Ruazol says

    This one hurts. TOO MUCH.

  44. AnVer says

    I'm crying! This is beautiful, but I'm so nervous for the finale (I live in Europe, so I have to wait until friday).

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