Evolution of COPS LOGIC #3 in GTA Games (2001-2020)


Let’s take a look at the evolution/comparison of COPS (POLICE) Logic #3 in GTA Games (2001 to 2020) through a series of tests, with funny GTA moments. The video also showcases the evolution of Graphics & Gameplay in GTA games.

TEST #1: Harassing a Cop ——— 00:06
TEST #2: Cops vs. Obstacles —- 02:56
TEST #3: Helping Cops ————– 07:30

Games covered: GTA 5, 4, San Andreas, Vice City & 3. GTA 6 (GTA VI) will also be covered when it releases.

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  1. ENXGMA says

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    TEST #1: Harassing a Cop ——— 00:06

    TEST #2: Cops vs. Obstacles —- 02:56

    TEST #3: Helping Cops ————– 07:30

  2. Rajeev Kumar says

    Name of the song ??
    Btw your no. 1 fan

  3. Christian Williams says

    Voice reveal


    And his not John Cena

    "And his name is Franklin" "Music"

  5. EXILITRIX says

    im very glad that this channel is not falling after i didnt watch many months

  6. • Adarsh says

    That 👋👋slap though 😱OMFG🤯🤯!!!!

  7. Sammi dubey says

    If u help 8:21 police in vice city u got the 50 dollar but u kill him u got again fight start with police

  8. E says

    (GTA V)
    It is okay to kill the person when there is a flashing red and blue light on him/her. Make sure you are NOT WANTED because if you are, there will be a lot more flashing lights (cops). There are two types of these. A police gun fight, and a bag theft. When you kill him/her, you can rather keep the cash or return it. When you are helping police, you will receive a reward.

  9. LuisCrack ! says

    Cops Vs Safehouse in gta games

  10. Heck Smith says

    Doesn’t use GTA’s Spin-Off Games, Including GTA 3:Liberty City STORIES, GTA 4:EPISODES from Liberty City=The Ballad of Gay Tony & The Lost and Damned, GTA:Vice City STORIES AND GTA:CHINATOWN WARS!

  11. C F says

    i mean, you are kinda corrupting an arrest most of the time there so cops get mad

  12. Ferrum 770 says

    Evolution of MOLOTOV LOGIC in GTA Games, hm?

  13. Dulguun Munkhbayar says

    Its so funny

  14. cr noman says

    Of course gta 4 wins this video

  15. cr noman says

    You did it completely wrong

    Gta 4 cops thanks you if stop a criminal not by punching them but simply trip them over

  16. Happy CJ says

    i heae sirens ( cops chasing a guy ) so i got my car and help'd the cops then i got wanted lvl then i remove it with codes

  17. Aditya Kaushik AK-27 says

    Gta vice city way smartrl

  18. Samuel Girven says


  19. PHI VAN says

    Hey dude can you make a evolution of sharks logic?

  20. Mehmet Altuntaş says

    Gta 6????????

  21. PHanTom _V says

    How about next video idea Pool logic

  22. DarkAbyss 283 says

    The logics may not make sense in some gta games, but I prefer it funny lol

  23. WitherCraftz says


  24. Kunjam Satish Kumar says

    The best GTA games logic channel ❤️❤️

  25. Bhuvnesh venkatesh says

    Thug life in John cena moment

  26. Muhammad Faisal says

    Evolution on fighter jet when fly on no fly zone

  27. IamMiguel says

    hey man can you do evolution of ragdoll nect please

  28. Yamezy Boi says

    CJ: am I a joke to you, you d*ck?

    Random person: aight Imma head out

  29. Rama Maulana says

    Franklin:this is sparta

  30. Rama Maulana says

    Cop VC is broken why because he's IQ is 0

  31. Syarif_Opong says

    My favourite part

  32. Ahmed Hasan Ansari says

    Contents good but whats with the annoying music?

  33. Fat Muselk says

    6:00 this cop really just said to sacrifice my own life for Pakistan

  34. Dante Juarez says

    Gta 3: pushes cop cop does nothing
    Gta 5: stand within a few meters of a cop open fire!

  35. Matthew Mendo says

    I havend seen you in a long time love your new vids 😀

  36. ItzBootleg567YT says

    Evolution of tree logic
    Tree= 50,000$
    Me= Wanting to get money

  37. Jake1702 says

    1:22 "This dude fell off a bridge and walked it off" Well CJ did too sooo…

  38. Norizan Yan says

    7:06 "I've won, but at what cost? LOL

  39. Knight Guardian says

    Franklin’s face in 2:52: whraaaaa do

  40. Bangladesh Republic says

    7:00 😂😂

  41. Edgar Alejandro Quetel Yepez says

    I like the part when he said Cop

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