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Ayesha Curry is a restauranteur, Food Network personality, and New York Times bestselling cookbook author. It’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about delicious food. In this episode of #FoodDiaries, Ayesha walks us through a typical day of eats and her favorite recipes—from bulletproof coffee to Jamaican oxtail with rice and plantains, plus her go-to cocktails.

Check out Ayesha’s latest cookbook, The Full Plate, dropping September 22nd and available for pre-order here:

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Everything Ayesha Curry Eats in a Day | Food Diaries: Bite Size | Harper’s BAZAAR

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  1. Harper's BAZAAR says

    How do you take your morning coffee? ☕️

  2. shanni love says

    She looks like she lost some weight.

  3. freakylupus says

    Why does she remind me of princess tiana

  4. Sandipa Bejai says

    How is a human this beautiful 🤯

  5. baby binx says

    oh how boring 🙁

  6. The Ultimate Foodie says

    I don’t know how she does it — I be HONNN-GRY!!!! 😂😂😂

  7. Boutayna Elhammouchi says

    So she's only eating breakfast in the weekends oki

  8. Jhanvi Patel says

    Forget about food which lipstick shade is that 😍😍

  9. Samoya Peters says

    I had no idea ayesha was jamaican 😭 I learn something new everyday .

  10. shivani s says

    I thought she said "hi I'm asian curry"

  11. Alissa Anderson says

    She’s VERY healthy

  12. Elias Ramos says

    Look at mrs.curry man so inspirational

  13. Brittany says

    Her energy is too low

  14. Angie M. says

    I wanna see Joji on this show for some reason💀💀

  15. G BBD says


  16. Amy Fisher says

    I had no idea she was Jamaican

  17. Switch Half cab heel says

    I’d say not to beat yourself about the late night snacking, it’s probably better for you in general! Satisfy your cravings and ALWAYS INDULGE because life is too short!

  18. SimplySim says

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you supposed to not have any calories when you're intermittent fasting? I thought only things like black coffee, tea, water, etc. are okay not coconut oil and butter?

  19. Cheryl S says

    I'm obsessed with her.

  20. Leloba Thema says

    Sis don’t even eat but has a whole cook book

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