EUROPA LEAGUE FINAL | Part 11 | LEICESTER CITY FM21 BETA | Football Manager 2021


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Welcome to Part 11 of my Football Manager 2021 Beta save with Leicester CIty in the Premier League. In this first FM21 lets play episode we play Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League final.



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  1. Sondra WM says

    Insane is right – that was fun

  2. Dan Bromley says

    100% I’d get that reported!

  3. Mikkel Georgsen says

    Schmeichel is the backbone of Leicester 😐

  4. Rob Lambert says

    epic final, great end to the season. How does this video only have 2.3k likes?

  5. Marc McCarthy says

    Leicester europa league champions!! I think the game was predicting a Dortmund win because of the yellow and black confetti

  6. Craigy 32 says

    Liking the videos mate !! But the adverts are killing 3 adverts in 18 minute video 😡

  7. AshH 96 says

    The scenes!! 😂

  8. John Boy says

    Kevs just been given the freedom of Leicester 😂

  9. Alexis Ronaldo says

    I'm telling u, I was totally shattered that Vardy missed his penalty… Was rooting for Leicester to win so badly….. Crazy turn of events in the final few minutes…. Barnes deserves a knighthood (as u said)… Superb final… Worth watching! 💯💯🙌🏻

  10. Tommy Page says

    In non league to legend can u start of at bognor regis Town in the Isthmian League

  11. Craig Harrison says

    Yessssss Kev and the boys

  12. Alfred Dobradi says

    Best episode of this season, I was on the edge of my seat. The berate was chef's kiss 😀

  13. Olly Collins says

    Trying to write a comment without seeing spoilers is hard.

  14. Enes Akay says

    very big mistake that çağs is not in line up ..

  15. Matt H says

    Hate to say Kev, Donnaramma issue is a bug. You might also find Neymar available on a free.

    Also means you're likely to run into another bug where the prem teams don't register their 1st team players in season 2

  16. Alex Wike says

    I get that purple screen too. Always get that heart stop thinking it crashes 😂 I think it’s a bug

  17. Ahmad Maikano says

    I will love to see your Preferences Settings if that OK.
    Pls drop a Video on that, Thanks.!!

  18. Random Gaming TV UK says

    that was fantastic kev well done, i know it is only a game but i will be trying to win the world cup with Australia on my other channel and they are in the World cup thanks to me YES now lets win it.

  19. Randall V. Conger-Best says

    Trophy Celebration for Leicester w/ Dortmund confetti lmao

  20. Lil Fleu says

    What. A. Game.

  21. Lcfcgraylivedthedream says

    Where is the undertaker under and fofana is awesome few good signings though

  22. Corey Lavender says

    Wow! What. A. Game!

  23. Martin Kelly says

    sir harvey barnes???

  24. Martin Kelly says

    and his penalties been saved…..thats a bug report

  25. SaderzZ says

    brilliant as always Kev, bring on the £300 million summer!

  26. Vaughn says

    I won the Premier League and didn’t see the trophy presentation, I had the camera on one where i should be able to see it, Is that just a glitch?

  27. Jorge Almeida says

    Congrats, Kev!

  28. GeordieGames says

    Brilliant <3

  29. Paul Knox says

    Team: Goes ahead 3-2 in the last few minutes
    Kev: "About time you f**king donkeys!"

  30. marc hill says

    Was like I was there lol

  31. The Seedy Waffle says

    My Hertha BSC side haven't scored a penalty all season outside of shootouts.

  32. Judd Evans says

    Brilliant! Sack Rodgers and get Kev in! What a final!

  33. Gregor Eisenhorn says

    Great episode Kev and what a comeback!

  34. 123Gravina says

    'That was a bug report surely' that line fucking killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Lunch at Marco's says

    Your managers hair is too ridiculous Kevin

  36. Reim Dneir says

    This is such a great game. Very thrilling. Congrats Kev!

  37. Vishal Nagpal says

    Mixed feelings about this one…

  38. Jamie Small says

    Really confused why soyuncu got dropped lol

  39. Anil Patel says

    The confetti was yellow and black even FM21 did not give you a chance.

  40. Matthew Gavin says

    What an unbelievable final Kev. Congratulations to you and Sir Harvey Barnes.

  41. Marc Gomes says

    Awesome final!

  42. Ali K says

    Kev I wanted to bang my head against a wall everytime you said "we don't have a healthy side" "these are the best players left" WHILE SÖYÜNCÜ IS ON THE BENCH WAITING
    Seriously though he has the highest averaga rating per game in your squad and was fit

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