Ethiopia Tigray conflict: Refugees struggle to get proper healthcare


Many of those displaced have fled to neighbouring Sudan.
The country is currently hosting more than 45,000 refugees.
And some say they are struggling to get access to healthcare.
Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reports from Gadarif, near the border with Ethiopia.

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  1. Valentino Aman says


  2. Wonishet Andarge says

    The war is over they need to back home .

  3. Akhmet 2.0 says

    Take back Abiy's peace prize.

  4. Butina Butinas says

    TPLF criminals butchered Ethiopians as a whole and Amharas in particularfor the last 27 years . Now loosing power attacked the army in Tigray , as confirmed by their henchman Sekuture Getachew , to be back into power. They turned down all avenues to settle their differences with the government peacefully . Aby is left with no choice except to enter into war draged by TPLF to maintain law and order . They even rejected their last chance to peacefully submite to avoid serios damage on Mekele and its residents .Now time is up and TPLF leadership and its members will pay the price dearly in their lives . Hope our brothers and sisters who fled to Sudan will retirn home soon safely.

  5. የማለዳ ገፆች says

    Aljezira we now you wish us to be like Syrian but never expect that Ethiopian people are very smart and GOD fear people. You have to consider this conflict are the result of TPLF work of 30 years. ETHIOPIA IS THE WINNER AND THE LEEDER OF THE FUTURE !

  6. Aura The Draak says

    No one cares

  7. Tibebe Gizaw says

    Repatriate them to homeland in Ethiopia. Those who refuse, must have some blood in their hands. It will be fine for the peaceful and innocent migrants.

  8. One Love says

    Am so sorry my friend!!we went to med school together!!i can only imagine what you have been through!TPLF is a monster and am glad you are okay

  9. Joe says

    Ethiopia falls,
    We are all screwed!

  10. Ash Assefa says

    kkkkkkkk,speak tigregna beach..he dont understood u

  11. Box Of Chocolate says

    Over the last 500 years Europe has experienced wars costing hundreds of millions of lives and are still lightyears ahead of these African countries it makes no sense

  12. Admasu Abawari says

    All Ethiopian peoples must be fight against TPLF because those problems came from this regional government!!!!

  13. Lemlem Hadgu says

    Please all people in the world knwe about the dectaor ship of the pm minster that kills a lot of tigray peolpe

  14. anchi ledi says

    Majority of youth and adult male are armed they are member of samri tigryn youth and tigryn army after perform massacre in mai kadra 3 amhara refugee also killed in sudan by these group

  15. It's Me says

    TPLF is the angel of death.

  16. Abby klay says

    This the outcome of tplf

  17. Adem Seid says

    economic refugees.

  18. aron atakilt says

    This is what Abiy Ahmed is willing and capable of doing!
    What a devil man Abiy Ahmed is!

  19. Vinod idhate says

    Ethiopian govt should provide health care quickly.

  20. Smirh Salm says

    Abiy Ahmed si the killer

  21. Abdi Ibn-Said says

    I dont like to see women and children suffer, but can anyone remember how Somali's were displaced by Tigray's and their regime? Ethiopia should taste it's own medicine. The country was completely arrogant over the decades even invading Somalia. Boy how times have changed.

  22. MrAnakonda1999 says

    ማይካድራ ላይ ሰው አርደው አብረው የተሰደዱ ብዙ አሉ

  23. M Y says


  24. Badri/Remla Tahir says

    Take a moment to imagine the men and women who decided to create this disaster. They most likely live in homes/houses with air conditioning, 24hour lighting, computers, and kitchens full of all kind of foods and drinks. they have access to all the amenities that the poor people in the video so sorely lack.

  25. Sahlemariam Demissie says

    We haven't any option, must fight TPLF to stop this and like all around Ethiopia.

  26. Asrat Sintayehu says

    ALGAZIRA is by itself is a TPLF JUNTA/////

  27. soyy says

    Abiy is the one who gave 72 hours before he starts shelling Mekelle  city with heavy wepons  with 500 thousand residents
    abiy is a mass murderer

  28. soyy says

    Abiy has been training army in Eritrea with Isayas for the last year against  Tigray
    Funding destbilizing groups like fenekel
    Cutting of Federal  Budget ,  Locust aid , Saftey Net Aid  , Blocking Foriegn Investors, Implementing Anti Tigrayans Job Policy , Blocking Key Roads Going from Amahra to Tigray ,  Being Quiet when 100 thousand TIgrayns were Looted and Murdered and Cast Off from every Reigon in Ethiopia , Making Fake Documentary's aimed  against Tigriniya speaking people   …
    Finally he ordered command post to withdraw from Wolega , sent his own oromiya speaking killers to kill innocents and the next day without any inquire to why the troops were ordered to evacuate a danger zone they have been guarding for two years or independent inquire ,  He came out and said TPLF AND ONEG SHENE  did it and they have to designated as a Terrosist group
    Its all a game to him
    Tplf then took over the northern command wepons to  barrgin and protect Tigrayans from this brutal Military offensive by Ethiopian national force , Amahra milita plus from other regions , Eritrean army ,  UAE drones , now south sudan is being asked for 4 thousand soliders ,  be honest people
    Tigrayans took over the north command so the wepons there will  not be used against them
    Even the refugees who escaped to sudan said tigrayans are being hacked and murdered  by Abiy forces
    Abiy is the problem who wants to be dictator of all Ethiopia not recognizing there was 30 year civil war for self rule
    or simply belives in Haile selassie and Menilike and Derg methods of governace
    Make Ethiopia a confederation , End this vicious cycle

  29. soyy says

    It was Abiy goverment who withdrew the troops from Wolega and had those Innocents Slauthered , and with out any independent investigation ,
    He proclaimed it was TPLF and ONEG  , Just because the killers spoke Orominya .
      He  withdrew goverment  troops and  had his own killers do the  dirty work
    so that ,  He has an excuse to label Tplf as terrorist organization , wake up it all a game of power to him
    Abiy needs to be brought before international court ,  He is a mass murderer .

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