Eps 19 – Raiders on Covid List | Chiefs preview | Vic Beasley


The Raiders defense is on the covid list due to contract tracing. It sucks, but I think they will end up playing. Let’s talk about it!!

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  1. Sanjit T says

    Around 10 mins, due to Copyright claims, I had to cut a portion of this video out.. It was Travis Kelce speaking, You can watch that video here: https://twitter.com/ChiefsHighlight/status/1328814526716895234

  2. James Larini says

    What’s the over/under on the “with that being stated” quote for next weeks show? 🤣😂 Keep em coming bro!

  3. David White says

    Both their offense line and defensive line is weak.. their offensive line has three starters out, and the defensive line can’t stop the run.. jj and booker is gonna run it down their throats.. long drives, keep patty on the side line.. score at will!!! We can beat these assholes

  4. Billy May says

    I met kolton Miller. He was a regular customer at my old job!

  5. Thomas Fitzherbert says

    Can’t forgive anyone for their criticism of Carr. Just shows lack of understanding about QB play and surrounding cast and how important it is for defenses to get 3rd down stops and turnovers. Even if your QB isn’t elite they can still win it all if the defense is doing those two things. Carr is way better than a lot of QBs to win Super Bowls. Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning to name a few

  6. Free Thinker says

    “With that being stated”. Drinking game. 😊

  7. jude5101 says

    Great video! Your the man!!

  8. Edward Diggs says

    Pretty solid video. 🙂

  9. Paul M says

    Kiwi Raider: Sanjit, so if we have Vic Beasley, Max Crosby, Clelin Ferrell and Arden Key, what about Mo Hurst. Mo Hurst just does not seem to be getting enough playing time?

  10. Psymon SC says

    Our Raider brothers are so talented. So many of them are able to "Plug and play" when needed/asked too. NFL best stop sleeping on us, we real and we coming #RN4L

  11. Jerry Ruiz says

    Where did your YouTube plaque go?

  12. Tito El Bambino says

    We didn't stop Mahomes last time what we need to do is control the clock by running the ball Jacob's and Booker got have a good game

  13. steve quinones says

    Chiefs kingdom

  14. dominique 5 says

    Gone be hard beating K.C. twice, especially when your defensive starters haven't practiced all week. Odds just not in our favor.Not to mention coming off bye weeks Chiefs always Win 🤦🏾‍♂️

  15. Kerry Evans says

    7-3 sounds good to me…
    Brother greetings from Dublin Ireland RN4L since 1981…
    Great post
    Good information
    As per usual..
    I concur
    Dem quiefs are ripe for the picking…
    If the same Raiders Defense show up as last week…
    Trent Brown coming back essential in the long run…..
    If the Raiders win I think they should hire a bus drive around the Death star with the fans in cars in Tow round and round KC would appreciate the gesture
    The last time the Raiders beat KC at home in Oakland on Thursday night DC to Crabtree l was in sect123
    In that corner I traveled 10000miles to go to that game it was worth it…looking forward to going to Vegas …
    Remember no need to blitz Mahomes like we did last time he always breaks to the right….
    We can beat them
    This is our House
    Go long baby..
    Just win baby….

  16. Troy Butcher says

    The Chiefs remind me of RONDA ROUSE..

    They L👀K GOOD.. BUT their NOT as good as THEY L👀K! They come out SWINGING, so you have to WITHSTAND their punches! BUT.. If you KEEP SWINGING BACK, they wear down & run out of ⛽! The MORE ROUNDS you make them fight, the WEAKER and more VULNERABLE THEY GET! Most teams become SO DEFEATED by that FIRST FLURRY.. They just GIVE UP instead of KEEP FIGHTING BACK! The Raiders can swing with THE BEST OF THEM! And when we land that ROUNDHOUSE.. IT'S LIGHTS OUT..💥😵 GAME OVER!🤯

    The BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between The Raiders and the Chiefs.. The Raiders get STRONGER as the fight GOES ON!💪🏼

    All these other teams CAN'T take that first flurry of punches..😢 Their jaws TO WEAK.. And their heart ISN'T IN IT!✍🏼

    ☠RAIDER☠NATION☠ 12-4 2020 DC4MVP!
    Our FLOOR is The Playoffs & The SKY is The LIMIT!

  17. DaPetes says

    Sanjit! Keep these videos up man! You put out top tier content and this channel is on the brink of taking off. Keep it up man! Love you bro. Let’s go Rrrraaiders!

  18. Straight Right Sports says

    I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately I think this is a game where we come down to earth a bit. I think the Chiefs are eager to make a statement after being embarrassed last game. But, this does not discourage me one bit. Plus if we make the playoffs we will most likely see this team again a 3rd time, and I'd much rather beat them then. We are not beating the Chiefs 3 times in a row, but I can totally see us beating them twice. Let's hope that 2nd win comes with a playoff game on the line

  19. Rob Lockhart says

    So last time this happened, the Tampa Bay disaster happened. Fortunately, they've already played KC. So, ahem…. yeah.

  20. Arturo Hernandez says

    Hey sanjit Can you do a film breakdown on how ruggs has been doing this year maybe if he can great separation or if he isn’t even in the scheme you know?

  21. asapmacc1 says

    Spot on 💯💯. Let’s go beat they ass now #RaiderNation

  22. WhoShotMe?!? says

    So the chiefs play the theme song of curb your enthusiasm as we come out the tunnel and they're the ones offended. I wonder how the jets feel

  23. T Snide says

    Beasley, if signed, will be a non factor mostly – he'll be behind Nassib and won't even be activated some weeks, and will only see the field for 20 snaps or less per game

  24. Eduardo Mejorado says

    hey sanjit please answer me this question if the defense had covid wouldnt the broncos offense since they were literaly breathing on them or is this just the nfl trying to fk us again

  25. George Hernandez says

    Just want to say you do an awesome job on your presentations go raiders yeah

  26. Miguel Montenegro says

    What's up Sanjit! K.O. got injured too..

  27. Eduardo Mejorado says

    cant wait till we take that dub and if we want to make a statement lets beat them by at least 2 touchdowns

  28. Hustla Jones Tarot says

    Sanjit “With that being stated” T 😂😂😂 #RaiderNation 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯

  29. Canelo, The Man, The Myth, TBE. says

    Good idea on the wall.

  30. Canelo, The Man, The Myth, TBE. says

    Bears are .500 what if K.Mack becomes available again in the off-season do we make an attempt?

  31. Alfa 1one says

    Safety is easier than playing corner

  32. Alfa 1one says

    Johnson is a solid slot corner

  33. Alfa 1one says

    Robertson should play safety

  34. Eric Chevez says

    were not winning this game with all those people on the covid list..

  35. Rik Avi says

    Great content. My Fav Raiders channel.🏴‍☠️💀🏈☠️🏴‍☠️🖤☠️🏈🏴‍☠️

  36. Reggie Martinez says

    AND WITH THAT BEING STATED.. I think we'll win.

  37. Ross Taylor says

    Raiders 40, queefs 27

  38. Keith Maldonado says

    Sign Vic Beasley. It’s a no brainer. Other teams like chiefs signing players like Bell to give that extra edge. We should be doing the same.

  39. 4Real says

    But, we did bet them once this year already, so we should be able to spank that @$$

  40. 4Real says

    I bet the Chiefs are licking their chops right now

  41. Tyko says

    WATCH Brandon Parker play left tackle versus when he's played right tackle. HUGE difference. Parker is significantly better on the Left side. It's crazy. He's had decent reps at RT this year, but not near as good as LT. I almost feel like Miller could pull off RT better than Parker, and homie at LT. Parker played LT all 48 games in college, whereas Miller played 2 years at RT in college. He only got moved to LT after his injury. Miller has more natural athleticism than Parker (for his size). My hope is Gruden & Cable are considering this as a more viable option.

  42. Michael James says

    We gotta beat kc like the giants did to the undefeated pats.

  43. Michael James says

    Kc cant stop our run

  44. aleph null says

    Very low chance Reid lets us score 40 on them again. Our defense barely held them last time. Not optimistic about this one…

  45. Oscar Torres says

    Win or lose will be in the playoffs___ I predict a 3pt game__

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