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Construction on Universal Orlando’s newest theme park may be paused, but there’s new details about the park’s biggest attraction. We dig into rumors about Epic Universe’s space-themed racing coaster in today’s update.

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Epic Universe would be Universal Orlando’s third theme park. Planned to be built near the Orange County Convention Center, it’s expected to be their largest theme park. With four immersive lands, a massive central hub, and a hotel connected to the back, Epic Universe was being touted as a revolutionary theme park. That is, until a global crisis caused the park to be delayed, introducing uncertainty.

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  1. Theme Park Stop says

    What do you think? Could this really be the largest roller coaster in the world?

  2. TheSweetLife70 says

    Great information! ……But please, please, PLEASE Universal, DO NOT cancel “classic monsters” land at Epic Universe!!! ……..I really want that possible Creature from the black lagoon water ride someday!!!

  3. Yovany Casanova says

    I think just having one large track split into two segments is a smart idea. Gives it more re-rideability.

  4. Texaspoontappa says

    Thanks for the updates on Universal! Let’s hope they can continue these projects next year 🤞

  5. Shollos says

    I like the idea of the three rings. Seems like that would give lots of opportunities and space for cool late nights fireworks/water shows.

  6. Noah Wright says

    Im pumped for classic monsters land and Whut news is a bout

  7. dratelectasis says

    Speculation by Alicia is usually correct. I remember following her for Hagrid and now velocicoaster before any were announced or started construction. So far she’s been spot on. Granted with epic universe, lots can change. But I find her the most reliable source of Universal info

  8. J Garza says

    Again, what is the music at 4:23???

  9. Michael Quezada says

    Universal – "let's make a terrible Fast & Furious ride and then make racing style roller coaster that makes much more sense"

  10. Yeetus says

    I hope the Coasters are Hot Racers

  11. Jan Locher says

    Although I'm very excited to hear these news, I have a general question about the dueling coasters:
    I read in an old article that part why the dueling dragons coaster in Orlando stopped their 2nd rollercoaster train going with the first, was that there were some injuries involving some loose coins from the pocket of a guest injuring another guest on the other train at high speed..( I won't go into the details :-/ )
    So eventually they weren' t going at the same time anymore..And of course shortly after that, they replaced the attraction completly, anyway luckily..
    So my question:
    -Will there be a way to implement a dueling coaster attraction safely at Universal?
    I also wondered about the same thing honestly for the Velocicoaster.. Will there be some secutity nets or anything installed, to despite the fun of riding it, will also ensure the visitors' safety..? ( It's not a dual coaster of course I know, but it's quite close to walking visitors, sometimes according to concept art)
    Thanks and please keep up the great work 🙂 !!

  12. Del Walton says

    R.I.P dualing dragons even though I never been to Universal I’m a fan of Disney

  13. Arrow Looper says

    They should make it an inverted slash sit down coaster on either side. Universal built one arleady in china

  14. Jeremy Penafiel says

    I exited for the monsters land!! Which one are?

  15. Chris Knight says

    I love your videos Alicia!! I've really enjoyed being your fan over the years!

  16. Daniel Romero says

    While i don't know when I'd visit orlando, i just hope that we can do our part so that theme parks and their father companies can continue creating and fostering innovation in theme parks!!!!!!!!!

  17. Para Skep says

    the track appears to be mack ride or intamin

  18. Gladiator Dragon says

    Not exactly surprised that they decided to go with Mack. I'd say that Mack is great at producing reliable launch coasters, and only Busch Gardens has worked with them in the Florida area. Mack coasters are family friendly crowd pleasers, even with numerous inversions and fast speeds (See Blue Fire at Europa Park). This contrasts with Intamin, who are known for creating massive, yet somewhat unreliable coasters that may be too intense for some (See Maverick and Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point). If I was Universal, I wouldn't trust Intamin with the biggest coaster (and possibly the only thrill one) in their massive new park. Plus, I also do not think its unlikely that they were also planning to order one of Mack's inverted powered models (See ARTHUR at Europa Park) to place in some area of the park (most likely the How to Train your Dragon area), and figured they could get a better price if they ordered multiple coasters.

  19. ARM-IV says

    God, I'm needing this park to happen already… Damn Covid…

  20. Skipper Bobs BreakDowns says

    Great video Alicia! I'm really looking forward to this.
    Have you heard anything regarding potential safety concerns around neighboring Lockheed Martin?

  21. August Macias says

    Longest coaster? I wonder if it will have a higher hill than Velocicoaster.

  22. Kyler Mcnabb says

    I really hope this even gets finished. So much stuff on the line.

  23. Chris Congdon says

    That is very sweet of you to show support for the employees of both Disney and universal that were let go.

  24. David Vitrano says

    I see this as two separate dueling tracks.

  25. Matthew Lucas says

    I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Don't put in a dueling coaster. The roller coasters themselves aren't as good as one awesome one and they stop dueling them because people put stuff in their pockets.

  26. Bazil4444 says

    Can we just agree that the coaster should be called The Space Race moving forward?

  27. a says

    I love the fact they’re doing original attractions. It makes me miss the non IP Disney attractions

  28. lil spoogy says

    I like how they def were considering Islands of adventure when building this park in terms of thinking about the thrill level of each attraction. I think this is a great "hulk style" thrill coaster for epic universe, and 2 tracks! double the fun.

    Also I don't think it will be Mack. Mack is not that intense, looking at universals track record they want something with a little more kick. My guess is definitely Premier or possibly Intamins newly released dueling model. -Spooky

  29. CoasterMan says

    Universal when they see a word ending in “R” or a word with “Co”


  30. DarthDaddy1701 says


  31. Erin Squire says

    yeah same with Disneyland in California is holding reopening intill next week in summer I thank

  32. remconet says

    Hi Alicia, It's Mack with an 'a' like car, not Mack like Mac. 🙂

  33. Midwest Coaster Fans says

    I think once Universal Hollywood opens again we will see things kind of go back to normal and also when movies start getting released again. I do think Universal has a new approach on their parks which is go big or go home! I also think Epic Universe will happen and it will end up being the best park in Orlando even ahead of Disney parks! At least Universal going with Mack Rides means it will be reliable!

  34. Mr. L Productions says

    Dragon Challenge 2.0, anyone? I hear parts of Dragon Challenge were rumoured to be reused in an epic universe ride…

  35. Matt Rost says

    We are anxious to resume spending in Orlando. If only people would cooperate with distancing and masks………

  36. Nickell Francis says

    Alicia I love the idea space costar how cool is that they should do it a race costar thanks Alicia

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