1. yuoop noke says

    You are right Mark, Maguire needs "regassing"

  2. seiom jvony says

    You are right Mark, Maguire needs "regassing"

  3. Martin Burke says

    England will never repeat never win a big trophy ever again the players just don't have the character or will to succeed that players have from so called lesser football nations they a way to pampered in the Premier league surrounded by the world's best foreign talent hell they would make anybody look good but when they are called upon to rely on their own talents they always fall short and will always fall short until they have to fight to justify their overbloated paychecks any club that can value Harry mc guire at £86 million has surely lost touch with reality on any international team that has him as the linch pin of their defense are truly lacking in genuine talent

  4. I pray that whoever reads this becomes successful.

  5. Farrah Elbaz says

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  6. Random Guy says

    The YouTube comments move more than the fridge maguire!

  7. Matthew Azzopardi says

    Di Caprio is the 🐐 I agree mark

    And I also love the Departed, criminally underrated as well as Shutter Island

  8. football beast says

    Like for h.kane

  9. smokyninja724 says

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  10. kate mountain says

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  11. Jomy Jose says

    The moment I saw Maguire in the team sheet, I knew England would loose the game

  12. Okechukwu Nweke says

    Lwts hope Maguire don't end up like Phil no

  13. African Campus life says

    So glad my account was finally recovered by @steve.watcher such an incredible hacker. Find him on Instagram 👈

  14. Emily Young says

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  15. abdulrahman alali says

    Hey Mark

  16. Bleachguy says

    why sancho and maddison was not playing should of been maguire never should of been playing joe gomez should of

  17. Harry Maguire says

    I'm sorry that you found my normal behaviour highly inappropriate. I take full responsibility.
    Its Coming Home!

  18. Chloe Lui says

    Ref was shocking!
    Never a pen. Good on Reece James for giving him a mouthful

  19. kumar kc says

    I am a big fan of Harry Maguire worlds most expensive centreback…😂😂😂😂😂

  20. the ghost says

    My teacher murdered his wife, packaged her up and dumped her body in a lake from his boat ! I'm not joking either. Nice guy though.

  21. Shspurs1 says

    Jonny Evans is better Defender than Harry Maguire.

  22. jjohnsonsfg says

    33:37 this is what you all wanted to hear.

  23. JOSH DOWNER says

    Die hard is not a Christmas film. It's quite obvious really.

  24. Play With Keyboard says

    Came to see Maguire red card reaction, and I'm not Satisfied

  25. Christian Meneses says

    You guys need to give Maguire a full week rest just no training in the reserve with his family needs a rest

  26. Christian Meneses says

    The way Maguire is looking arsenal and Tottenham will make top 4 Chelsea are to dodgey Tottenham a really good lineup arsenal partey changes everything Gabriel looks fantastic

  27. Mitch Cummins says

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I am trying to raise awareness for he nasty disease that is motor neurone disease. A former England rugby league player rob burrow has it, someone who my dad used to be teammates for. I’m doing a sponsored 18 mile walk/run to try and raise awareness and if you could share or donate that would be outstanding. No worries if not thank you 💙

  28. Onb Ggt says

    It’s funny how the media slate pogba , lingard, martial and sterling but there’s no mention of mental health but when it’s maguire all of a sudden they’re experts in mental health. Miss me with that bs.

  29. Phillip says

    Target is french lol Hes is very much english

  30. northern ireland says

    Maguire 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Linus Broadbent says

    For who keeps asking about his Old Firm leanings, I’d say Celtic. The crucifix bracelet he has might be a slight giveaway but I might be looking into things too much. But yeah, I’ll say Celtic for sure.

  32. PS 4 MTA says

    33:38 red card
    37:32 Denmark goal

  33. Dylan Taylor says

    If i was English manager, which I never will be because of where I'm from.
    TAA Stones Smalling Shaw
    Maddison Hendo Grealish
    Sancho Kane Sterling

  34. Marcus Di Salvatore says

    I don’t know what to say about Maguire Jones and smalling. I know smalling left but still those guys aren’t/weren’t in the game.

  35. smokyninja724 says

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  36. Pita Madlala says

    You are right Mark, Maguire needs "regassing"

  37. Tyrone Williams says

    Another bad tackle, should’ve gone after the first one. Harry Muguire

  38. Tommy Jordache says

    Eng – Den 0-1 1983 & 2020 on pen 😀

  39. Erik Hansen says

    Hello from Denmark. We beat you 🙂

  40. Edinburgh’s Green And White! says

    Denmark penalty 37:25

  41. T0mat0S0up says

    We won't progress past the group now.

  42. Ghiulai Dani says

    Parking the bus at home against Denmark. It seems like Southgate is looking for the sack. Clueless coach

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