Emiliano Cyrus | EC一平_Cyrus Ultimate Racing League Awesome 太阳神终极赛车联盟_Apr2020


Basement Project Theme: Cyrus Ultimate Racing League Awesome “Wonderland”
地下一层改造项目主题: 太阳神终极赛车联盟

1. Superslot Race Track “Wonder Track” Superslot 超级赛车轨道 “神奇轨道”

2. F1 eKart Racing League Simulator 一级方程式赛车联盟模拟器

Battle on at home ! Yeah … I won a virtual championship on podium in redbull racing team 🏎🏎🏎 what fun activity are you engaged with at home during circuit breaker measure ?
Lets E-racing!

With quarantine, we need to stay home and have some vrooming good fun in my basement so I am chasing away quarantine blues by working on my very own basement project, themed Cyrus Ultimate Racing League where I got to build a superslot race track that I hereby call my Wonder Track built and pieced together from bent tracks to straight tracks it was exactly like how a racing track is with much bents and curves and swerve.
1 piece at a time by yours truly, it is a 4.5m x 2.5m track covering my basement area and its also where my kart stimulator is so the entire area is dedicated as my racing ground, that’s where I go to when I miss racing especially more so during quarantine!

Being a racer, I am always so used to racing on track but this project gave me an opportunity to built a track of my own and it took a lot of time and tonnes of patience I mean think about it no joke building a 4.5m x 2.5m by myself but I thoroughly enjoyed laying out each piece and getting it up its very fulfilling to have finally completed this track in my basement its not just piecing together the tracks but I had to add barricades to it so that the cars wont fly out off track, its almost complete as I have yet to get my petrol kiosk for this track and my pitstop for refuelling before it’s a fully furnished track but this works for now!
And the best part of this track it allows for 4 players at 1 go, I have my endurance championship cars which I play on this track, they are Lamborghini, BMW, red bull, Mercedes its really so much fun and I look forward to having my friends over once this circuit breaker is over for a racing good time!
Together lets Race on to fight Covid!

终于完成了!太高兴了!😄😄大家最近都在干吗呢?有没有善用时间玩乐呢?哦不对不对,应该是善用时间读书,抽出时间玩乐。我就从忙碌的网课与训练中,抽出一点时间,来拼凑这个Superslot 超级赛车轨道🏎🏎🏎。这可是花了我周末,整整8小时,亲手将轨道一片一片接上,才拼凑完成。除了我对赛车的热忱,没点耐心和专注力,是没办法把整个轨道一一接上,如果拼错可能得从头再来。看着这壮观的Superslot 超级赛车轨道🏎🏎🏎,让我感到无比兴奋!如果宅家没事做,快来和我一起在Superslot 超级赛车轨道🏎🏎🏎,极速奔驰,享受赛车的刺激快感吧!

  1. OCTAGON says

    Solid as they come!!! 💯 good stuff bro

  2. Бата Лаки says

    So basically, your parents buy your views?

  3. Sümeyye Kalın says

    I am so jealous right now

  4. RECEP ÖZÜAĞ says

    Informative video Emiliano

  5. Pubg kArabakh says

    Such an excited boy u are

  6. Salih Akdoğan says

    Keep soaring on track

  7. Berkcan uz says

    I love your eagerness to share


    After this its only chamionships for u

  9. Ateş Adamlar says

    stay safe

  10. Danışmaz says

    Don't forget to wash your hands after building

  11. Eğitim ve Bilim Videolar says

    I don't think I have the patience to build a track of this big

  12. IIRunneRII says

    Geesh this is the real deal

  13. uzi csgo says

    This super racing track must be more difficult than Lego

  14. Djanim m says

    You are a very patient little star

  15. Cem nasuf says

    Kudos Emiliano

  16. Roz Film says

    You will always be my pride, love you baby

  17. Baran Güç says

    Cutupie must have been super excited

  18. Baran Şahin says

    International child celebrity u are rocking the tracks

  19. Brawler- Mami says

    Super super cool your wonder track!

  20. Just Uğur says

    Omg so fun I wish this was my quarantine house

  21. Arzu ANATÜRK says

    If only I had your passion

  22. kapali kanal says

    Cool!WonderBoy the coolest!

  23. SOKAKTA DAMAR says

    Wow!Amazing race track!

  24. Sevişme Sahneleri says

    Will there be a chance to visit your super racing track in the future?

  25. jiyan Prodüksiyon says

    Cool cool cool cool !! I envy you

  26. King Master says

    Other racers may not have the patience and concentration to build this racing track

  27. Caner Akbaba says

    You look really cool in a racing suit, envy you

  28. Arda YT says

    Love you baby love this video

  29. Elif Kara says

    Wonderful and nice

  30. BerkaY ŞeN says

    EC You will always be a superstar in my heart, I am honored to be a little apple

  31. Brawler- Mami says

    Nice setup!

  32. *yutube*delisi HD MANYAK says

    You are an example for all of us to learn

  33. Eğitim ve Bilim Videolar says

    There is nothing you cannot accomplish

  34. Seda Sayan TV says

    Amazing and fantastic setup

  35. Gewer Gewerok says

    You can see that you have great patience and concentration

  36. Mert Altunkaya says

    This super racing track is too spectacular!

  37. YASİN CAZIR says

    My EC is getting better and better

  38. Atilla Çelik says

    Oh wow theres pitstops too!!

  39. İlkay Karaman says

    I ’m so happy to see you love the car so much

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