1. Living Stones says

    nice training til a real defensive guard puts clamps on you. you got to get around the player not stand still. ppl shud be teaching how to dribble against pure defense.

  2. Guimaraes Ribeiro says

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  3. MrThemorningsun says

    man, why didnt i learn any of these growing up.. do you have more vids like this? im 30, played street ball my whole life, should have learned these earlier. you do coaching 1 on 1 in LA?

  4. Bibek Maharjan says

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  5. John Rivas says

    What is that yellow bar/toolin the video called that they to push their crossover dribble through?? I could use that to teach my daughter to keep her crossover dribble low, but can't find it anywhere

  6. Rajesh PK says

    Anyone tested out the Spovelax Training Program (google search it)? I've heard numerous amazing things about this popular training course.

  7. Road To Glory Basketball Training says

    Nice Video

  8. Sr Men Spyco says

    awebo eso es entrenar basquetbol

  9. Sr Men Spyco says

    awebo eso es entrenar basquetbol

  10. Md.Akram Serniabat says


  11. Dreamlife Films says

    1:40 wow palmed

  12. Moore Edwin says

    It's still astonish me just how a lot of people don't know about Spovelax Training Program (google search it) even though lots of people improve their skills using it. Thanks to my pal who told me about this. I have improve my skills.

  13. Marcus Banks says

    great workout!!!!

  14. Julius Boone says

    Nice! Check out my daughter's YouTube video " 5 year old basketball prodigy "

  15. Basketball Immersion says

    Interesting video, really beneficial for my teaching, I appreciate your videos

  16. Michael Chesnut says

    Quick note- I like the video and the girls have skillz, but your teaching Traveling at 4:20 in the slow motion segment your pivot foot comes up before the ball is out of your hand.  Please if your going to teach something, teach it the right way.  The game deserves the respect.

  17. Baller Boot Camp says

    these girls can hoop…great job

  18. Shamar Jones says

    can u slow it down so u can get every part of the drill correct

  19. nnn says

    your doing the right drills, but the intensity and hard work isnt there

  20. Coreym jay says

    Holy crap these girls have real skilzs. love this video

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