1. PJStrength and Fitness says

    If you’re new to the channel, SMASH that subscribe button! I appreciate every single one of you! Are you Team Eddie or Team Thor? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  2. Kusnezoff says

    snore, the icelandic loser. he cries about being ripped off then uses the same judge he said was corrupt for his fake pull where daddy weighs his plates. snore is a pariah. he is a loser and a user. he says he loves the sport and does as much as possible to destroy it. shows what kind of little boy he really is. snore is a backstabber and betrayer of all strongmen everywhere. Eddie is right and anyone would be emotional if snore did the same thing to them.

  3. Luke Emmanuel Hammond says

    Any person whose been following strongman knows 2017 WSM was tailor-made by the organizers to suit Eddie. Period.

  4. Lynette Kent says

    Thors one of,if not the strongest dudes to be walking round on the planet at the moment. Eddies a crackup,bloody entertaining and still awsumly strong,but Thor is current and the man to beat in any strongman contest at the moment! Eddie being bitter about Thors attempt,and at this stage that's all it is,he aint got it yet, and them war'ing on social media keeps Eddie current in the strongman world and not just a entertainer. Personally i think they should both shush up and get on with where they're at in they're own lives at the moment. I like them both for different reasons and this shit is just bad for strongman!!

  5. Syed Jisan Ali says

    eddie hall is a salty jealous bitch…looser

  6. Zan Li says

    Eddie knows thors stronger than him now that's why he so emotional. Fact is No body can pull 501 but thor at the moment. Thats including eddie hall.

  7. david selawsky says

    Eddie heated bc Thor belittled his accomplishment. Not cool by Thor should have never went there. Beat the guy if u think your stronger. You didnt.

  8. david selawsky says

    Eddie destroyed everyone in 2017. End of story. Well deserved WSM victory. No way Thor was even closeto 500kg 3 years ago.

  9. Strasxy says

    Good video

  10. Mehtab Khan says

    Does Eddy have the same opinion about the Stoltman brothers world record attempts as he does about Thors deadlift?

  11. upliftersfitness says

    Eddie 100

  12. Philip Quist says

    Mentioning another mans wife and kid in any way is disrespectful. If you dont know, I have to question your manhood

  13. nassy says

    Eddie and Thor are a couple of cry babies. You'd never see this kind of controversy with Brian Shaw or Zydrunas Savickas. Huge props to both for their achievements in the profession of strongman but I've seen enough banter from either and don't give a crap about who said what. Let's see this 501kg DL from Thor May 2!

  14. tommy m m says

    This guy isn't biased or anything 😂😂

  15. Edfigo Casio says

    Eddie had information of events coming up to the WsM 2017 BEFORE any other competitors …Fact.. EVEN brian shaw was pissed about it ..

  16. XDaRkModzX says

    Eddie broke his ankle and couldn’t go for the log press record, he tried to make his own event exactly like Thor is doing right now to go for the record yet he got denied.. contribution to the shit talk I guess

  17. Eugene Murray says

    Eddie projects his insecurities. He has been obsessed over Thor for years. Thor moved on from 2017 years ago but Ed retains his beta male effeminate ways, desperately clinging to the past.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFNSdWeNk04&t=30s

  18. ProneMan OldButYoung says

    U shouldnt talk shit. U must be a Eddie fan. Thor is not putting his family at risk, u dont have all the details. Yet u defend Eddie, u r totally bias and I really hope ppl dont let u get away with this.

  19. Maxxx Skulls says

    Thor is the strongest man in the world right now I truly believe that but he is being a whiny bitch

  20. Nick James says

    Just like everything else in this world anymore….. everybody complains about everything. These 2 should just duke it out! Last man standing can talk his shit

  21. Mike Wazowski says

    The people who disliked, is people who doesn't see controversies from both angles

  22. Sam Arthur says

    I side with Eddie on this, if it is not in competition, it is not a record. Mind you neither him or Thor are doing themselves any favours

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