Eating With Mystery Things Challenge | Food Challenge India | Hungry Birds


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Directed By = Umesh,Sanket,Priti

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  1. Isha Jangid says

    Games wala 🤭😌🤭

  2. Binita Kumari says

    Hungry birds please living in the 24-hour room challenge 😥😞🤞❤️

  3. Vishnu Verma says

    Last round

  4. Karamjit Kaur says

    Sanket brother When you will bring me Balance scooter Addrece:Alipur araiya patiala

  5. Rocker Boys says

    Who wants to see Sourav please like or comment ☺️🙂🙂

  6. Rocker Boys says

    Who found hungry 🐦 randomly and started watching regularly please 🥺 like or comment 🤠☺️😃

  7. Anubhav Raj says

    And we have to see saurav

  8. Anubhav Raj says

    And we have to see saurav

  9. Anubhav Raj says

    Akshita is very funny in this video

  10. Adyan Farooq says

    hi girle 1st Boy no

  11. Adyan Farooq says


  12. Aastha Barnwal says

    We want see Sourav

  13. Hargun Kakkar says

    You are so overacter

  14. Aastha Barnwal says

    I really love your video so much your task is so different I love your tasks very amazing keep it up👌👍👍🤘🙂🤗

  15. Vijay Manghani says

    We want drawing challenge part 2.Who want drawing challenge part 2 hit like👇

  16. Harshali Prajapati says

    Where do you all live 🏡🏡….Hit like who want to know❤

  17. Reshma Kadam says

    Muli to last round me umesh ki technique aache lagi

  18. usat patel says


  19. Anu Jd says

    Hungry Birds when are you going to show the Sourav

  20. nusrat alam says

    Guys,,,,, ak request karo plzzzzzz mana mat Karna…… Akbar plzzzz saurab dekhao na 😍😍😍😍😍💟💟💟💖💖☺☺

  21. Zainab Nazmin says

    can you call red namber

  22. Pradnya Rajput says

    So funny 😃😃😃😄😀 and breakfast also yummy 🥧🍰🍩

  23. Zainab Nazmin says

    i love wet vs dry challenge

  24. Varsha There says

    Aap chabhi surp chabhi dichaigi aap

  25. sathya narayana says

    The video is amazingI love this video very ❤️👌👌❤️😍

  26. Bhavani Mutnuri says

    All your videos are excellent

  27. Raaid Kh says

    I don't need any app to study when my teacher is alive

  28. Rajender Singh says

    Itna chilate kyun ho

  29. 9322866466 says

    Who will decorate nice plant please do this challenge

  30. MANIN MATHUR says


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