1. BigPluto 2006 says

    Does this include free micro transactions? ._.

  2. Killjoy McQuire says

    I'm just here to figure out the name of the song

  3. bL4Ck dR490n 69 says

    im waiting for Ubisoft and Activision to join Game Pass as well, hell even Rockstar put RDR2 and GTA5 there for a few months.

  4. Hobey Dator16 17 says

    Apple Cries In The Corner

  5. FujinSkyz says

    What the hell. I just got rid off my ea subscription and this comes out the same day 😂

  6. Kev Law says


  7. Danny Foglesong says

    I appreciate what yall doing Microsft but why Ea?

  8. Not Evan says

    Microsoft= better deals and better quality of life improvements on Xbox PlayStation= better quality games

  9. DarkCat says

    How do i get the ea play games i have game pass ultimate

  10. raymond letourneau says

    I've literally been saying this for a few years. Microsoft is playing the long game. They have taken a few hits with exclusives but they lost a few battles to win a war.

  11. Jay Wick says

    Hopefully game pass makes ea upload new game monthly

  12. ResidentRecon89 says

    I wonder if Microsoft is giving EA a percentage of the Game Pass Subscriptions cause Apple wanted 30% of the profits made from Game Pass Subscribers and Microsoft said no. Yes, Apple has very strict App Store Policies so they are to blame just as much so I blame both for xCloud not coming to iPhone.

  13. mtalhart says

    There is no way of stopping Xbox now.. Jesus christ.. The value this adds to GamePass is insaine

  14. christian villaneuva says

    Now thats a lot of games

  15. Kenjo says

    song name please

  16. zsoca921 says

    No extra cost ON CONSOLE. On PC there is +5$ extra. Why?

  17. Andy GK says

    nobody should trust EA or Activision, if you dont know why, its cos your a sheep

  18. PHXNTXM says

    Xbox Game Pass truly is the future of the Xbox brand, and if Microsoft continues to play their cards right with the service, it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to Xbox and maybe even gaming as a whole moving into the future.

  19. The Gamersaures says

    soundtrack name?

  20. Cole Harwood says

    Don't fall for it this is a terrible deal the interest over the top of cost is outrageous don't give into this…

  21. George Galaz says

    So is this just for pc? Or consoles as well?

  22. Ðức Ngọc says

    Uplay joining the lobby.

  23. Legend1Man says

    Sony about to do something unbelievable… I can feel it lol.

  24. ines pat says

    song name pls

  25. M7MDz says

    Best news 👍🏻

  26. Demar Barnett says


  27. Drallion Tyanu says

    Play with xbox gamepass ultimate sounds better the EA part is unesesary 😉

  28. Juggy says

    This 💩's on the PS Now service. And I'm a Playstation fan.

  29. Femi says

    EA puts more time and effort into trailers, that it does any of its games.

  30. Sem Nijenhuis says

    Imagine a free Sunday with the boys.1 hour Forza horizon,1 hour Gears of War 1 hour battlefield 1 hour need for speed1 hour new fable game1 hour new or old skate game1 hour minecraft1 hour halo 1 hour sea of thieves1 hour astroneer1 hour fifa1 hour ufc1 hour mortal kombat1 hour overcooked That’s 14 hours, and you’ll probably play a game more then 1 hour. YOU WONT HAVE THE TIME, you’ll need a assistent

  31. Mohamed Ahmid says


  32. Snoozer 死 says


  33. Melvo says

    Xbox are making YouTubers work overtime with all these updates coming out. They just can't keep up.

  34. bigballerju07 says

    XBOX ain't worried about nobody. The amount of money Game Pass makes them was already great, but now adding EA there money off this will skyrocket.

  35. Your Mum says


  36. TDOT BEAST MODE says

    That’s huge news

  37. Street Kid V says

    İs that incloudes pc pass?

  38. clerk lerp says

    I wonder what’s PlayStation is gonna show and it has to be big other wise Xbox may win in the long run

  39. mantid says

    Microsoft coming out the gates punching the last few days lol.

  40. Daniel Smith says

    I love the value that xbox is bringing. I love the exclusives that sony is sure to bring, and I love that nintendo isn't afraid to innovate while still bringing that hit of nostalgia. It's honestly a great time to be a gamer.

  41. D A N D Y W A V E S says

    Anyone else cancel their ea sub and still get charged? Lmao

  42. D A N D Y W A V E S says

    They finally gave up!!!

  43. Nick Dampf says

    does this mean I can get my money back for Madden 21??

  44. Qasim Abdullah says

    Oh man! I am using XBOX game pass for PC for nearly a year now, since launch, people just don't understand its worth! It is absolutely amazing now! I absolutely abhorred Origin, Origin is one of the reasons why I stopped playing a lot of EA games, I didn't even buy the last BF because of the whole politically and socially correct transgender prosthetic "things" on battlefield – in my country, it is just $10 for 3 months! IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I LOVE THIS! YAYYYY MICROSOFT!

  45. Darthadios says

    Ultimate Gamepass is the best feature of the Xbox.

  46. Eldest854 says

    Confused, is ea play only bundled with ultimate? Or will it be with console game pass as well?

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