1. Joseph Dominguez says

    I think being that Anthem won the most amount of awards beating the most popular games this year it should have been number one and I'm very disappointed that it wasn't even in the video

  2. nafickr says

    trashes creed odyssey

  3. JT Kirk says

    This isn’t Assassin’s Creed 😡😡😡😡

  4. Kennard Teoh says

    For honor game trailer make me cry :'(

  5. ZIm world dee says

    They really nailed it with Odyssey.Its a brilliant game.

  6. Emma Schmitz says

    Coach overwhelming most hot headline green outstanding soldier shadow female.

  7. Antonios Doumas says

    Violence, violence violence…

  8. Ma. Zorena Garcia C says


  9. mohd azlan Awang says

    omg! assassin creed awesome!

  10. Testing4One says

    Well, i see a list of Ubisoft shittin out their bad programmed and too early released, dlc fed, bullshit again… and some other games. Not a single Dollar will be spent on this crap.

  11. кирилл антонов says

    Ассасин уже не тот каждая часть всё хуже и хуже сейчас вобще уже абсурд

  12. Genja says

    Division 2 is gonna be filled with Chinese again.

  13. Dean Jehorek says

    Donkey Kong looks gay AF

  14. Hubert Trexler says

    Odyssey looks great can’t wait to try it out

  15. Leyva Carmona Diego Armando says

    BUG-isoft :V

  16. Noobeast Gaming says

    Trailer maker developer

  17. konstantin kojic says

    Ubisoft shoud make animated movies they whoud win oskars and shit

  18. david chnd says

    La idea del tridente era q no atravesara todo, y pudiera sacarse con facilidad ademas de hacer mas daño. Veo mucho desconocimiento al momento de hacer el juego de asassin… Ya no estudian como antes el contexto histórico en el que se desarrolla el juego

  19. benocehcap says

    Ubisoft stop with this recycling of the Assassins Creed engine and bring back Prince of Persia. A proper prince of persia!

  20. Optikification says

    wish they would bring out an Assassins Creed in Japan with Ninjas etc.

  21. Shao Co. says

    Everything looks Amazing, EXCEPT, For Honor. I know they went with China due to the massive market. But Ive always wanted to play the most unsung empire of the human race. The Moorish Empire.

  22. Wolfgang Hendery says

    great representation of lag in for honour haha!

  23. management1 says

    We need a gengis kan Game!!!

  24. TurboTurkey says

    So excited for another Assassin’s Creed with absurd naval warfare. (Sarcasm)

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