(Dragon Ball Legends) FULL Zenkai 7 Android Team! Perfect Cell + Androids 16 & 18 DOMINATE!


Dragon Ball DB Legends – (Dragon Ball Legends) FULL Zenkai 7 Android Team! Perfect Cell + Androids 16 & 18 DOMINATE! | Dragon Ball / DB legends pvp gameplay showcase, Zenkai 7 Android 16, Android 18 and RED Perfect Cell Androids team in pvp! (DB Legends)

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  1. raymondoverby says


  2. ORPHEUS [P] says


  3. Xavier Ramirez says

    I am just utterly surprised that i just found out d free is a black male. In my mind i just randomly thought lemme check if d free had a face reveal because i believed that you were a white male because of the way your voice sounded. I'm just very shocked! Just a random comment lol great vid btw <3

  4. Chronos The DragonSlayer says

    We just saw 18 shred the meta team 4 times in a row with no rage quits that's amazing! I wish I could get her to that levelBut just wait until Gogeta Blue comes to legends and can one shot every one with 2 cards

  5. RozayPlayz says

    Don’t mean to be a bother but I wanted to know if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel, I post DB Legends , 7DS Grand Cross, and COD MOBILE videos on the daily bases, I’ve been growing this channel for a month now and had no luck. So I would really appreciate it thank you

  6. TCR-Shu 12 says

    Make Android 18 + bunny bulma and EX bulma

  7. A lone Virgin says

    i would let 18 ultimate art me

  8. Prof 6125 says

    4:36 the hell?

  9. Joel says


  10. Apple Juice says

    RIP old android 17

  11. Johnny Bernard says

    You should make a video with zenkai red and purple gohan along with yellow future gohan

  12. thevengefulSLVR says

    Blow up all over him yupp that's going on out of context

  13. Jeff Melon says

    Him not showing his lineup just shows he knows he got all z equips

  14. HellGaze says

    Yo I heard that dokkan LR vegito theme

  15. Jeremy Liz says


  16. Jeffrey b says

    Awesome vid 👌

  17. Aaron Jones says


  18. C0LDC3LL says

    Obligatory comment

  19. Kr3 Gaming1 says


  20. Aamster Aam says

    thank you for showing us your full team. Great video

  21. x EthannDntTry says

    Time for the algorithm…TO NOTICE D-FREE!! THE BEST OF ALL!!

  22. Jmister says

    My I deal to team is when eventually when purple android 17 gets a zenkai I can run the full zenkai android 16, 17, and 18 like that would so much fun

  23. Maximo Canela says


  24. Thuan Nguyen says

    Man i wish i hat android 18 and 16 At 7* and Greta Video Keep it up dr free

  25. Ant Cas says


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