1. Klix47 says

    How to play with you?

  2. Black says

    Dude i did a drag race with my friend, he used his maxed out Hellfire and i used my maxed out Hellfire with the F1 wheels, i won.So i can say the F1 wheels makes the car a little bit faster, but not on every car.

  3. Eliseo Lopez says

    How do u join these

  4. JelloBun Entertaintment says

    Where and how can I join the car meet?

  5. exddiae says

    8:11 whats the right car name

  6. Sweatin For Days says

    You should make a video of free mode street races so like in a normal crew session with traffic but do circuits if any of your friends know some. If you don't I can show you some any time.

  7. BURNT BACON says

    How do you take the rear bumper off like that

  8. denxile tan says

    hi, i sent you a google form not long ago and there is no answer so can you join the gang? look and open my form. Thanks in advance.

  9. うらひーくん says


  10. Marc Martinez says

    All my vehicles are black with limo tint windows and black rims.. not trying to be racist.

  11. Alan Dalton says

    how do you get the back liek that

  12. Space City Hyundai says

    Is there a group for my gta car enthusiasts on ps4 so we can schedule car meets and stuff ? A dude be getting bored sometimes lol

  13. NLB MUSIC says

    Any car meets?

  14. Niggward Is life says


  15. McYolo says

    I don't know if Youre reading this but i would like to join the crew. But the broblem is that i cant get my account to the Social club so if I can join just and me on ps4 Sari Bruun.

  16. X-lord R88 says

    Flush it won’t let me join your community on PS4

  17. YoitsNick says

    This video was really good I wish I can give it 2 likes

  18. ナタリー そのディックをちょうだい says

    U should get a xbox or pc and play forza horizon 4 its so much better

  19. Braxton Wright says

    You should watch Kaotic Dingo or look up @paletobay.so on ig for actual fast racers

  20. David says

    How do you get the drag wheels at 3:10 on the white car????

  21. Justin V says

    Would love to do this again 👌👌.

  22. Ihminen says

    This guy is just totally ignoring PC players

  23. Gaara says

    9:37Well torque took awhile to took kick In🤣

  24. Quix Ψ says

    How did the impala have drag slicks ?

  25. Matheus Souza says

    I once bought the tempesta but I thought it was ugly but now I saw it and I think it's so clean

  26. bappo says

    i was watching u on my ipad 5 years ago luv u🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯

  27. Totally Not A Human says

    Wouldn’t of counted some of them for crossing the center line 🙈

  28. sailedj_ says

    Add me in your crew, im sailedj

  29. pro only pro only says

    Like that lambo!

  30. Giovanni Fischbach says

    How did you do the bumper delete on theTempsta

  31. toke171 says

    Anyone playing Gta online on PC?

  32. lole man says

    Can I join ur carmeets? (Ps4 user)

  33. Joshua Benjamin says

    Omd I love that Spec on the Lamborghini

  34. Jonezy ツ says

    someone tell me how the imperator get the ‘drag wheels ‘ that the back off the car

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