Downtown Disney Tasty Foods Like the Monster Burger and Checking Out New Disneyland Merch Vlog!


Hey Wonderful World of Foodies

Join us today as we take you to Downtown Disney. Today we will be testing out our new camera the Sony Zv1 and checking out some tasty foods and awesome Disneyland Merch! We were surprised how delicious the Monster Burger was but after eating delicious treat Jannell takes us over to the salt and straw to have us try the Creepy Crawly Critters ice cream that taste of matcha and filled with bugs HAHAHA. So join us on this Disneyland foodie adventure!

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  1. Magic Journeys says

    Do you think you’re brave enough to try the Creepy Crawly Critter Ice Cream?

  2. lalli ♡ says

    taking my friend here as a surprise for her bday!! Def on a check out some of those new god and merch !! 🤩🤩🤩

  3. Adam Ex says

    You guys are so awesome to watch! I’m so inspired by your adventures and I wanted to say thank you for making my fiancé and I miss Disney so much we put on our ears while we watch your episode! Love you guys!❤️🙌🏽🙏🏽

  4. Mean Mad Mike says

    Janelle’s smile brings some much needed warmth to my heart. Thanks for the video!

  5. Adventures By Lumos says

    we saw you in DTD today and were so excited to get to say we love your videos!!! cant wait to see more! 💛

  6. john Henry says

    That burger with the egg looks so good

  7. Tracy Cole says

    Love watching you guys a reliving our Disney trip!! Can't wait to get back once our Australian boarders open 😍

  8. meganhead00 says

    How do I become a Patreon for you guys?

  9. meganhead00 says

    Honestly, these videos make my day! Please do more of these!

  10. Cynthia Ro says

    Love your videos! 🙂

    You're right, those bags were too much.

  11. Kameo Crea says

    Yay!! Thanks for the videos!! Just became a Patron!!!

  12. Andy Garcia says

    So glad to see both of them onboard with the cricket ice cream!

  13. Andy Garcia says

    I always love the slow motion shots!

  14. liz PLUS says

    Jannell is so pretty, I'd love to see her try on wedding dresses …… For fun! She has the most perfect hair, always. Much love! 😊

  15. Julian Garcia says

    Can we get more episodes with Dylan please

  16. bonita R says

    I had the corn things and it was bombb

  17. Ed killnightlinger says

    Drop the stupid mask and I might watch this video.

  18. Michelle Sombrito says

    U guys are my favorite YouTubers ever 💜

  19. The grease guy says

    You guys really need to start hustling. Make your own merch and people will buy it. Especially Mackey mouse products' you have the following.

  20. Lupita Ordaz says

    When they said bugs I was thinking gummy worms 😅😂

  21. Learning Apple says

    Great job on your videos. I am a new subscriber this year and I am hooked! Love all your videos. I really enjoy how this video showed you guys driving into Downtown Disney. I also like to see your special guests in your videos like your friend. Would love to see another video with Jannell’s sister. All your videos are so fun to watch! 😊

  22. Chevelle Bryant says

    That coconut corn dog was huge. i hope you shared with mcvee lol. ……i want one now. 😭

  23. Jordyn Atkins says

    Nice car! Love ur vids. I'm a big fan!

  24. Martin Velasquez says

    Love your videos! It keeps me up to date with everything new I’m downtown Disney💯… was there that day but I didn’t want to bother you since you guys were filming lol

  25. Javier Ramos Jr says

    is your friend's (dylan ) mask a piebald reference?!

  26. Ivy C says

    My grandmother was there last wknd visiting family & she told me she was at Disneyland (when I knew she meant Downtown Disney.) Knowing the park was still closed I thought to myself, "If the park was finally open I know you guys would've posted a video immediately!" Lol 😄 MigVee only us ladies understand paying that kind of high price for bags! If we really want it – then it's worth it! 😉 Omg…that monster burger made my arteries harden just looking at it, but I know my husband would have happily ate it as well! I think I'd have to pass on the bug ice cream. Sorry Janelle. Thanks for another great vlog! Sending luv from Fort Worth, TX!! 😊🍔🍹🍨

  27. D M says

    I love your outfit, Janelle!

  28. Mark Noriega says

    Random vlogs are the best!! Love the videos!

  29. Tannia Saldana says

    Salt and straw should've called that ice cream oogie boogie since it's made of bugs and looks green 😊


    I'm living vicariously through you guys right now! I really miss Disneyland & Downtown Disney! Thanks for sharing your great videos. I wish I lived closer 😪. I'm in San Francisco! Have fun you guys! ❤🏰

  31. Bella Ibarra says

    I want some

  32. Joseph Britt says

    Nice show while drinking coke

  33. Sandra Bennett says

    This was a great video, so fun to just " hang out" with you guys and watch you try some fun foods.😌
    Thanks for taking the time to do these videos🥳

  34. Manuel Marquez Jr says

    ……but, I so want that Monster burger….thanks for that

  35. Manuel Marquez Jr says

    Ice cream with bugs?… thank you !

  36. Marian Garcia says

    Welcome friend Dillon. It was fun driving in with J & M into the park. That burger 🍔 was crazy humongous!

  37. Lisa Burmood says

    Cutest couple!

  38. Gizzelle Edmonds says

    How long are they having the back lot premier ?

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