Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2020 Preview – Everything You Need to Know


Prince takes a close look at the upcoming Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football. It’s set to arrive on Sept. 25. Check out the video for more details on this Madden 21 alternative.

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  1. Some Mistakes says

    Shame it’s not on PC, I’d buy it in a minute

  2. Dev says

    How did I not know about this game until now!? This is exactly what I have been looking for since they quit making ncaa football games and shut off my team builder server. It looks like this has great customization options so I think I will definitely give it a try!

  3. MGN Sports says

    Nice 👌

  4. BIG BILL says

    I bought last years version to support the devs. This year looks much improved. EA is history

  5. Viking Finn says

    Would be cool if you could make your own league in dynasty mode. Like bring the USFL back to life.

  6. MisterJonesification says

    They need to fix the bad player models. Tiny heads, long, Dhalsim-like scrawny arms, HUGE butts. They need to stop twerking and lay off the squats!

  7. MisterJonesification says


    Well…that answers my question if wrs can finally jump for the ball, which now they can, but yeesh that looked bad.

  8. JusKolMeaL says

    I'm watching the video and seeing great potential and great growth but underwhelming nonetheless… I love the ambition and drive, but I'm not loving the footage I see… The hype is great and I really want to feel the butterflies but have been hurt before. I remember the excitement I felt for 2k8 football and 3 days before releasing, they announced no dynasty or franchise mode. Took the air out. I had excitement until I saw numerous game play videos that show me average game play at best…

  9. andrew moore says

    Nice a new playstation 2 game

  10. Dcdread says

    Looking forward to playing this game because the Madden franchise is hot 💩!

  11. Josh Taylor says

    Honestly going to give this a whirl, I skipped Madden this year after skipping 19 and honestly I don't think that I'm missing much. It looks straight up terrible. Anything to help produce a legitimate alternative to EA is worth it.

  12. Ryan Anderson says


  13. dcard228 says

    Any dollar not going to EA is worth it.



  15. Rob Orlandi says

    As a 30 plus yr gamer….mostly sports gaming I appreciate the choices of different sports games. Football mainly

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