1. Villy Karlsson says

    vitamin d helps me a lot du the dark month in sweden . This is sooo true. and dont buy the one on food store . buy the proper one in the health store

  2. NomadBikerTours says

    I've been taking Vit D with high strength Omega 3 for about 2 years now, game changer for me because I wasn't feeling too good… took a few months to rebalance the chemistry but once I started to feel better it was amazing 👍🏼

  3. TheCommercialBreakk says

    Started supplement vitamin D doubling my daily intake started October, not much has changed expect I have these blades coming out between my fingers. And my skeleton is rock solid

  4. Xtiminator says

    I know Eddie your not a doctor, but its nice to have advice about vitamin d!!! I love knowing what it can do…. 👍

  5. Adrian says

    Hey Eddie! Maybe you will see this, I was getting ready to hit 300kg deadlift at age 21 and weight 95kg but sadly i got stomach inflammation. I have it for 9months from now and I weight 66kg. Docs can't help me very well, I think i tried everything but maybe you ever heard about that problem? I remember one strongman had that problem years ago but i can't remember which one so maybe you could help somehow, any advice would be amazing, wish you best on your fight!

  6. jericho the legendary says

    great information much needed during these times

  7. mithu madhad says

    Great video like it👍

  8. O. Bhambra___94 says

    Bad eating passes on bad genetics meat and dairy are the cause of the bad genetics people don’t just get genetic problems for no reason.

  9. Oli Rahman says

    I had a comprehensive blood test results come back as I have seriously low levels of vitamin D Deficiency. And I have and currently suffering from some mental health issues such as anxiety low moods and stress for a long time. I think that’s correct low levels of vitamin D can effect mental health. However I am taking potent vitamin D supplements at the moment hopefully that helps but too early to say

  10. Bret B says

    Its all about keeping Hydrated 💯

  11. GOKU BLACK says

    Really informative video its actually better than some the videos and channels that dedicate to making videos om things like this lol .they dont get to the point but here straight to the point

  12. Dominic says

    Eddie hydrated hall vs Fullthor who will win

  13. Tac7icAl says

    Eddie hall plays video games? I mean what I wasn’t giving a video idea

  14. TheRooftopSHOUT says

    Great info.

  15. bodaciousdani says

    Hell yes it does, for years I was very low on vitamin D, and Everytime the summer time would come around I got very depressed.

  16. Frankie Paul says

    Audio SORT IT OUT. Your a successful Youtuber you can buy a mic dude.

  17. Fez says

    Wow great talk!

  18. Hùng Nguyễn says


  19. hallo wiegehts says

    Last winter i started with 5000 iu + 250 k2 a day. Didnt take it during summer of course. I wanst ill since

  20. Ricardo Galvan says

    Imagine how much more vitamin D Eddie could absorb if he was fully hydrated

  21. Drimy says

    He needs a doctor because he is DEHYDRATED

  22. Quake Aftershock says

    His wife seems fine isn't that right Eddie you hound 😉

  23. Dan Coll says

    What about the light therapy? This is an awesome video eddie!! But ive read a decent amount on this and it seems light therapy is the best way for us all. Not the pills

  24. Rob S says

    These are great internet connections

  25. LydaMan says

    hello from Vietnam

  26. Andriy Bortnik says

    I'm worried for THOR, I don't think he understands what he got himself into. Eddies training is on another level….

  27. thehiatusprt says

    I have been talking 9.000UI a day, since then my sleep improved alot…

  28. Eric Wilson says

    Very informative. Thank you.

  29. Meatcrob1 says

    just started taking a vitamin D supplement and i noticed it has helped me

  30. حسون الشبح says

    استمر نحو الفضل

  31. KallaMigCP says

    this applies to me.
    Swede living in (mostly) darkness 4-5 months out of the year, with an auto-immune disease decreasing my vid-d uptake.
    Since Rhonda Patrick was on the Joe Rogan podcast, I've been taking 125 µg/day (about 2000% RDI) and I don't feel depressed anymore. I even have benefits in the gym where I've grown more muscle mass and I can maintain it even if I don't work out for a while.

    I recommend everyone to check their levels. It's also great for fighting off the corona virus.

  32. LPDC says

    The NHS are not giving the D3 advice because there is no profits in healthy people

  33. LPDC says

    WOW This could of been simplified soooooo much

  34. panos kevre says

    Doctors. A profession with the highest of statuses with miserable clients that want to punch you but they also count their lives on you. Lovely fat doctors with smiles and kindness, repulsive fat doctors with a feeling of a superb grandiose and rudeness in every word of theirs. Athletic snob and athletic friendly ones. Curious gossiping doctors and the kinky ones who talk all about sex and they are almost virgins and unable.Anyways, i am not going to write a whole book about them, so avoid these fuckers, i worked in a hospital and i know, do you think they are saints? They want your money and they have a weird fetish with human bodies, that's all.

  35. Mark Smith says

    Eddie is awesome
    I had no idea who he was until I started watching his videos a few months ago. I had not been near a gym in 6 years and there was not a week that went by when I didn't think about killing myself simply because I was just empty inside, lonely as f*ck and I had slowly gone from muscle head to looking like a pear with legs, however now I have been inspired by watching Eddie's videos and I am back in the gym constantly absolutely smashing it! I just bought a 60kg Log for the garage and I'm comfortably dead-lifting 170kg for 4-5 reps. I don't really know what I'm doing but I know the basics of technique and nutrition, plus there is plenty of information I've been looking at online and I bought myself a load of oblivion too! I'm still lonely but my mental health is so much better now because I have something to do. I don't just sit watching TV eating opiate pain killers like they are sweets, now I watch TV programmes about nutrition and strongman competitions, I'm 42 so I'd never be able to complete but I'll be able to do it for myself. If I carry on like this I might start going out to places other than the gym as well so my life is not over as I once thought it was. 😁👍

  36. FAT NINJA says

    Thor loves the D!! And vitamins too!

  37. Uptonz says

    Are you dull eddie ever wondered why alot of people like the, sun and have a smile on thier face and not unhappy otherwise people would be unhappy from the sun due to vit d absorption 😂 im not watching this video.

  38. mikerobs1 says

    whats he on about 😂😂

  39. prav en says

    Dr Eddie, if he wasn't wsm

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