Does the Fit Fit? Creatable World Fashion Packs on Barbie PLUS DIY Custom Closet


By Request: Got time? Dressing up your dolls with a new Outfit of the Day can be so much fun, you can mix and match fashion from different brands to see if “the Fit Fits”!! Join us today as we go through new Creatable World fashion packs collections to see which items fit our Barbies!! PLUS we craft a Creatable World inspired closet for a #StayHomeandCraft #WithMe Craft!


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  1. Nuna White says

    The cloud ☁️ shirt can go to the cloud ☁️ pants 👖

  2. Marvina I says

    I am new subscriber and I look forward to watching what you do and will do next. Thanks for all your awesome gifts and jogging my memory and urge to start making doll stuff again. Stay safe and bless you and your family

  3. Suri Salgado says

    If you haven't thrown the bathing suit away you can cut it in half👙🏊

  4. Ihaa Rashard says

    Just add some glue gun on the shoe and it should be fine

  5. Thelittleangel Roblox says

    I wish I were heather…………pink

  6. roblox 2529xxx says


  7. Red Dynomite Gamer says

    Looks good great that looks nice

  8. Snenhlanhla Ngobese says

    Creatable world fashion packs look so beautiful 😍

  9. valentyna kishchenko says

    I love your channel💟

  10. Illy Scheffreen says

    Absolutely love your videos they gave me so many ideas for Barbie crafts for me to do

  11. Maira playz says

    Just saying it's not a top it's a dress

  12. Frankie Wilkens says

    No way, you posted this vid in my b-day!

  13. Intern Prs6 says


  14. Cailin Hagemeier says


  15. - iiCxctusCookie says

    When a doll has a wardrobe that is bigger than your house ….. WAAAAA

  16. Daniah Wade says

    What about a omg doll do creative world fit on them I want to know

  17. Christine Kersen says

    The reason why you're giving so much hate it's because they're not made for Barbies

  18. Sage _LovesUnicorns says

    Try skipper and maybe the petite barbies

  19. Jaliyah Joseph says


  20. everydxy says

    anyone have any idea what music is used at 1:50 and before?

  21. Cold Soup says

    Maybe fix the bathing suit by cutting the straps in the back and sewing and elastic?

  22. Always Ashley says

    Did the hair come like that

  23. Lynn says

    Do the clothes fit the ralph breaks the internet dolls?

  24. Queen Beesley says

    Can you review the new 2020 barbies

  25. P_atat0 Bear says

    That's it I'm addicted ❤️

  26. Sofie Brøsen says

    This is so cute.

  27. Kalen Jackson says

    Love one day you should make Burger King for the doll

  28. Ali Bhimani says


  29. Juanita Lois says

    Hi 😄

  30. Rive Alvarado says

    hi im new here

  31. maguie Mboup says

    Jean are ment to be tite you fole dump

  32. soter soso says

    where are you by the doll

  33. نورة احمد says

    Yay more videos

  34. Avelina Gimenez says


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