Does Drifting with MAX Camber Work? – CarX Drift Racing (Steering Wheel Gameplay)


Drifting in Carx Drift racing today testing a MAX Camber 180sx drift setup! Does max camber help you drift or not? Camber is used to help the wheel keep contact with the ground when turning. The bigger the angle of your drift the more the tyre will be uneven with the ground, this is why drift cars run a negative camber in the front wheel, to maintain all tyre contact in drifts. It works closely with the caster, which is another adjustment to help the wheel stand upright. In game, more negative camber gives you less grip but makes you more stable when in your drift. Negative camber in the rear is never a good option as it prevents you getting power down! Unless you want a really slow and agile build which feels like driving on Ice! Copy my tune settings part why through the video and catch you guys in the next drifting gameplay!

0:00 Tuning Max Camber
1:08 Testing the Build
3:00 The Tune for you to copy!
3:40 Tandem Session!

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  1. 7 1 4 says

    how much is your set up worth

  2. VR 0968 says

    Can I ask you something how much you buy that car emulator

  3. Carl Playzz says

    it looks like form over function but it really functions real good

  4. Abhishek Sharan says

    My leg

  5. Vinzent P. Bradford says


  6. Vinzent P. Bradford says


  7. Andi Oddang says

    Who Is My

  8. Toxic Waste says

    I’ve had this game for almost a week now, very amazing game. One problem tho, when I go to lower my camber and I press the button to lower it it does not work. Idk if this is a bug or my controller is messed up but I can’t lower my anything in my settings. I play PlayStation and was wondering if you perhaps could tell me a solution to fix this

  9. devin蝶 says

    how do you get the front bumper like that??

  10. 悪魔の帰還Suigetsu 59 says

    make rears positive +1

  11. Silent Killer says

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  12. Silent Killer says

    Hey, whats up with youtube these days, so much spam. It is getting annoying. Don not believe the fake spam comments or videos, ONLY Gamecrook works.

  13. Myo Kyaw says

    Youtube comments section is so full of shit these days. There is way too many bots. I wasted so many hours trying all sorts of web apps from the comments and not a single one works. I have found a Youtube video about a website called Gamecrook. It really did work to my surprise.

  14. Megan Axela P2C says

    GameCrook works but I have no idea how.

  15. Cjay Zamora says

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  16. Nakul Sharma says

    Gamecrook is working for free points, other stuff doesn't. How does it work? I have no idea.

  17. Cris Paredes III says

    Gamecrook is the best!

  18. Alex Gahan says

    Does that wheel work on PS4?

  19. Cordell Caston says

    When I saw one of his videos I was like he is a pro at doing this

  20. Razaboy Khan says

    The car from the front looks like a s15

  21. jelly 2.0 0 says

    what map is that??

  22. jelly 2.0 0 says

    Is that a Silvia

  23. Nabeel Ishmael says

    Can you play Hashiriya drift to its really cool

  24. Aidan Torralba says

    ooooh hot boi

  25. Michael Cinfio says

    I have the g920 but cant get it to work properly with CarX. Steering assist gets turned off and on every time i turn the wheel left and right. Assetto and Horizon 4 work perfect. I have the fanatec handbrake via clubsport adapter and the g920 pedals plugged into PC via leo bodnar cable. Any help please!

  26. Remix Demon says

    Is carx drift racing a realistic game or is it more of an arcade style? I'm looking for a realistic game to play that I can drift on.

  27. Hasahatan Thomas Joseph Siahaan says

    1:10 Looks like a S15 But it's a 180

  28. BRO DRIFTER says

    I loved the reverse entry jump!!

  29. David Francisco says


  30. lil NICK says

    Do CToretto knows how to drift and real life 🙂

  31. Cloud says

    6:11 Jesus Christ. What is your family feeding you? 😂🤣

  32. Black Takumi says

    I’m no c torreto but if u guys could check out my last 2 videos I’d really appreciate it! Great job as always ctoretto

  33. Ninasa Nodersine says

    This is looking cleaner Every day

  34. lol omat says

    Can he drive in reallife sooooooooo good

  35. uzziel caponpon says

    And how u did t do a wall ride nice

  36. uzziel caponpon says

    Teach me how to livery in android

  37. itsyaboijayden 2k says

    Watching this makes me wanna play fall guys

  38. YT AGREED says

    What is this on?

  39. Tuzxe says

    If you drift on Forza Horizon 3 I Make Drift Lobbys Alot and get usually 8-12 people add me Ivy Godly I Have 20k+ gamerscore. Btw im a professional drifter

  40. JRdrift PE says

    Nice man

  41. SpeedyBoiii says

    RICERS WILL LOVE THIS CAR. But great vid btw.

  42. Bryan Barba says

    try most hardest car to drift and tune it like the most stancy car.

  43. Elaine Thompson says

    My dream 180sx

  44. Elaine Thompson says

    Mu dream 18sx

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