DLM CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE personal Q & A with Daniel Maritz


In this video, Daniel answers some of your questions about him and DLM Christian Lifestyle.



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I have another Youtube channel that is focused on style, fitness, grooming, and lifestyle vlogs and it is called DLM MODEL LIFESTYLE. This is the first channel that I started on Youtube, with the goal of learning how to make quality content that brings value to people’s lives and to reach a different audience.
Check it out if you are curious

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In this video, Daniel answers questions like,
” What does the DLM from DLM Christian lifestyle stand for”?
“What church or denomination to you go to?”
” What do you do with the profit you get from the DLM Christian Lifestyle merch?”
“Daniel do you have a wife and children?”
“Where is your accent from or nationality?”
These are the questions that I will cover in this video. Let me know if you have any other questions about me, the DLM team, or the channel itself.

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  1. Rose Woldtsadik says

    I'm so blessed my Brother by the teachings of GOD, you have are a Truly great man of GOD. PREACH THE WORD OF GOD Brother DANIEL! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR WIFE.

  2. Gloria Tordesillas says

    Is there a chance you can talk about worshiping carving images why some people worship them

  3. Joel Joseph B. Ofo-ob says

    Can you collab with Alan Parr

  4. Roselle Rivera says


  5. Odessa Smith says

    I so happy that I got to now this program my life as been much better my name is Odessa Smith and I am from Guyana I will be very happy if you can keep me and my family in prayer and if you want any more information you can message me my number is 5926883862 have a blessed day pastor and continue say good works

  6. zandr says


  7. Charan 1061-ece says

    Hi DanielWhat makes people think to be like others and how to stop itI'm suffering from this past 6 years

  8. Vrtnica 7 says

    Daniel, i actually wanna know for a long time this question: why do you have in some photos from modeling covered one eye?

  9. Santhi Boppudi says

    Dear brother,plzz pray for me for my studies and my righteous life in Christ

  10. Nam child chilli says

    Hallo Daniel.First I would like to thank you for all your videos. It helps me in the mornings and ya the Holy Spirit is leading you. Then thank you to say Namibia is a beautiful Country it still is. It will always be my home. I want to really say thank you for answering the question on the kids. Let me say just something am 32 years old not married no kids and jip the world labels you. But i needed to hear that it should be God's will because he knows what is best. I kinda struggle with it but again I was told.Thanks for you and your wife and God for the videos.Soos ons Namibiers dan se totsien en groete.Van Klein dorpie in suide, Keetmanshoop.Groete Nicke

  11. Laura Pearce says

    Looks like the merch website isn't working, when I click on USA shop it doesn't show the products.

  12. Fox Tanii says

    I totally understand and agree with what you said about church nominations. It's however personally really hard for me to find a suitable church in London….. And I'd like to have a good Christian community around me.. But it will come.Children.. I find that very encouraging and honest and beautiful what you said too. I feel the same in my life. Just wanna be lead by the Lord and see and recognise his will and wait on his timing. Maybe adoption will work for many. Also remember Abraham and Sara…. They had children in such an old age! And look what's happened after! That is truly something to remember about I think. X love to you and everyone here who reads this

  13. Robert Taylor says

    Your answer was great. Religion divides us. There shall be no division among us. You may not have any children But you do have many brothers and sisters. We will pray for you, and let Gods will be done. Remember, God loves you and we all love you too. God bless you and yours.

  14. In Search of GOD says

    hope this helps..He has proven to the whole world that he still lives and he is the god of bible that created life by his word!!The truth is , do u believe what u preach!!!that he is god of the impossible!!It’s the proof for the whole world that he is still alive and afterlife exists!!!!Be sure that u will have to answer him…be ready to face him after knowing this truth and hiding it from those whom u are leading astray!!https://youtu.be/51_dFa-K8lIStop being lead astray by spirit and pride of wolves in sheep clothing !!!Know where his loving and forgiving heart that rebuilds ruins is present, one that goes after the lost!!!He won’t leave what he established when things go wrong in it , but will rebuild it…

  15. Robert Taylor says

    I like your shirt.

  16. veunsplantgirl says

    God bless you brother, your sister in christ 🍀

  17. Gonzalo Guerra says


  18. Gonzalo Guerra says

    I have one question for you, as a Christian do we have to listen heavy metal? Is heavy metal a sin? Or else

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  20. Corrie Erasmus says

    Hi. How can I buy your merch in South Africa?

  21. Abraham melquier says

    God Bless You Brother, May the Will Of God be upon you and your household.


    Thanks for your passion is doing the videos, you are clearing up misconceptions… I am from South Africa and was wondering if it's possible to get the merch?

  23. Myrene Marabillo says

    Daniel I'm late..sorry but I want to know how old are you?😉😚god bless you 🇵🇭

  24. Memi Malase says

    Thank.you brother Thank.you Jesus name Amen.💜

  25. Irish Mae Arañez says

    Hi Mr. Daniel can you help me answer my question? "Can a person preach even if he has not finished reading the Bible and is not yet baptized?" I hope you can help me Mr. Daniel Maritz🙏 .. I am your Watcher and Subscriber, you are good at explaining and meditating on the word of God, I hope you can help me understand this matter, thank you 🙂

  26. Andrew Villegas says

    Please pray for my family to be saved, I want them to turn to Christ.

  27. Pollyanna Leonardis says

    Oh my gosh how do you spell your wife’s name. I have a daughter that recently passed away June 12, 2020 from a brain tumor that she had for 10 years. Her name is Nikita but we spell it NACITA . My daughter did not suffer but I know she’s in heaven with the Lord Jesus. I miss her very much and I cannot wait to my daughter once again. I found your channel after my daughter had passed I started listening to it it made a lot of sense I can understand everything you say about the Bible a lot of people have been to churches I can’t understand versus what they mean. But when I listen to your channel I could understand you made a lot of sense and I will keep watching you thank you very much God bless you and your wife!

  28. Reebok Dkhar says

    I am a fatherless boy for all my life…and yes! I have been blessed by you so much.You are one of the best mentor to me…. May the God who made the heaven and the earth grant you beautiful and Godly children.

  29. Sharin Rose says

    Well I'm so glad that you're on the right track so accurate with God's word ❤ God bless you and your beloved wife.Never lose faith because Your faith will bring miracle in ✨ #JesusLovesYouLove from Malaysia 💫

  30. vko club says

    do u think we r in the end times

  31. Joanne Louise says

    The Holy Spirit has directed me to three young to middle age Christian videos and yours is one, I am a Mother and Grand Mother and I myself have been a Bible Believing Christian for 47 years when the Holy Spirit drew me to the Lord in 1973 a time in history of confusion and now I am concerned for my family so have sent them some good material including the videos in which I pray they will come to believe in the Saviour for its even more of a confused time in history then my time with false teachings and living for Me. I pray yours and other ministries will benefit greatly as the Holy Spirit works in their lives and also another son to wait on God’s leading for he has had gone through tough times. So God bless you and your wife and as you say if God blesses you with a family that is great would be super parents but if not that He gives you both contentment and His Ministry for you both maybe to help give His new life to many world wide through your ministry. I also think your doing the right thing to not over emphasize denomination of church you go to but for All to be a Bible Believing Follower of Christ. Blessing, hope and pray your ministry will be a great help to my family and many others as I also have shared to others and will keep intouch. God Bless. 🇨🇦🇨🇦♥️

  32. Susan Francis says

    Thank-You brother GOD bless you and ur family always

  33. Louis Phalane says

    My first name is Louis 😁

  34. Deb Miller says

    My initials are DLM😂

  35. Escarlata Flores says

    Please please tell me Am A Jehova witness and Is jehová witness and Cristián Are they the same thing?

  36. Maritza Casado says

    I don't like when people ask me that question, what church do you go to? I answered, I'm part of the church, a member of Jesus body. God bless you Daniel.

  37. angie asilo` says

    Amen🙏🙏🙏 So true Pastors are the one who delivered the mesaages to all people who does not kbow Jesus. Pastors responsibilty is to share the gospel and make people enlightened of what Jesus do in everyday of our life. Thank you Daniel for continuing sesrching to share tue gospel. God blessed you and may you live longer in this world so that many souls can save. To God be the Glory🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Bam SoG says

    But In recommend you to stop being model. You don't know the business behind you. If I found way to talk to you everything. Please ask God to lead you. I'll pray for you. Please ask God to show you the way.😟😿😿

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