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This episode will feature the best of Thailand has to offer, covering the Krabi Town, Koh Phi Phi, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We’ll also explore Southern Thailand, including the local exotic foods in Krabi Night Market, the magical Bamboo Island, Maya Beach, Money Beach and Mosquito Island and Pileh Lagoon. We’ll ride our motorbike to Emerald Pool and famous Tiger Cave Temple. We’ll visit the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai to visit the famous temples such as Doi Suthep Wat Phra, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chediluang Varaviharn, Wat Pha Lat, Phae Gate and famous night bazaar market. We’ll also venture out to see and climb the famous Buatong Sticky Waterfall. We’ll end our episode in Bangkok and showcase its New Year Eve celebration, world famous Khao San Road or Backpackers Ghetto, Talin Chan Floating Market, Flower Market, Wat Pho Temple, Chinatown and ending it on night up in Skybar.

  1. Suvijak Ruksangob says

    Wonderful and beautiful very much😁😍

  2. FILM LK says

    please subscribe my channel

  3. Nicole Pearson says

    Hi! How long did you go for?

  4. Kim Jensen says

    Your friend forgot to mention that Thailand biggest beer brand Chang is owned by Danish company Carlsberg 😉

  5. Hoten Hitonokoe says

    nice video

  6. Marina Prum says

    Wonderful travel information to Thailand. It was very helpful.

  7. ozthaisurprise says

    What about all the smoke pollution from the fires in Chiang Mi

  8. jim parsit says

    Excellent work, Thailand is a right place for low budget travelers. It offers everything to the low life style all the way to luxury hi-society. You are in the very low budget category but get the same sceneries in BKK, CM and tourist trap areas. There are many hidden gems that most travelers did not land. We want to have a rich culture and peaceful life rather than a greedy society like the west or Asian whitewash. Thailand is still very poor for average Thai venders but rich in heart and compassion that why the foreigners take advantage included the Thai corrupt police, military, corporations, and bad travelers. The environment and culture are vanishing, but we will survive. Soon it will be one of the best nations when a talented leader come along. Thailand is way overdue, time for change. Thanks for a fair review.

  9. Doctor Russ says

    Fuck corona

  10. Ochin Boswell says

    15:19 As a Thai woman I must say you are extremely close minded for not wanting to tip the local children who are performing their culture. This is their way of making of living and providing to their families. Yet you still want to feature them in your monetized video and profit from their act. Unsubscribed.

  11. J Geelo says

    Excellent video documentary on Thailand…I'm so thrilled and excited to visit now more than ever!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. BigRexJ says

    I've been to Thailand three times, but found your video SUPER INFORMATIVE.. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.. Unfortunately, I didn't get a totally hot tour mate to do things with. Nikki is AMAZING!!

  13. rmcguinn94 says

    Thanks for putting this together. Nikki seems like such a fun travel partner

  14. Nicholas Cherry says

    Best part of traveling, finding a pretty stranger and she's just as down to hangout and explore as you are. Then you two are off to wherever you wanna go to do whatever you want to do. We had this conversation at the hostel in Bangkok, we called it travelers love.

  15. Tony Harding says

    I don't think I've seen a YouTuber complain so much.

  16. mark shaw says

    Nikki had the most beautiful eyes. Is she single?

  17. rahul rathod says


  18. June Kwan says

    a sissy like you travel alone to most countries? Wow………

  19. Anthony C says

    I miss Thailand so much. Thank you so much for this video.

  20. Car rent Phuket. Orange car phuket says

    good video. superbly. post more useful content 👍🏿🙏

  21. Adel Basilioss says

    the city you are talking about is not Kerby…but Krabi

  22. Katarina Mrkela says

    You mispronounce the name of the city…it is K R A B I…you read it the way it is written

  23. Visual Chordz says

    Good to see 👌👍.. #VisualChordz

  24. Ahmed Jawad says

    I am ISAAS

  25. Ahmed Jawad says

    This is allah

  26. Molon Labe says

    Kirby? Kirby Town? Bath? Learn to pronounce destination words if your going vlog travel. Kr AH bi and B ah t.

  27. M7 SOCIAL says

    In Thailand, they will call this guy "Ki Nok" – look it up !

  28. M7 SOCIAL says

    Even though I lived in Thailand, and theres alot that people dont get to see or realize while visiting, I would not recommend Thailand anymore. But I will subscribe to your channel. Good video.

  29. Faybrian Hernandez says

    What the hell is wrong with the Thailand people? Look how many warnings you have to be aware of just to walk and tour around in this country. Forget it, I'll stay home.

  30. Hakuna Matata says

    After watching heaps of videos about Thailand this one is the best so far .Cheers from Brazil.

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