Diecast Rally Championship (Event 2 Round 1) Hot Wheels Car Racing


This video is intended for diecast collectors and racing fans 13+

3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League, the home of 1:64 diecast sports action racing.

Diecast Rally Championship Racing
DRC 2020 Event 2 – Round 1

Featured cars:
#1 – VW Polo R WRC
#2 – Fiat 500
#5 – Ford Escort Rally (Gold)
#8 – Ford Escort Rally (White/Blue)
#20 – Audi Quattro
#41 Toyota Supra
#99 Subaru Impreza WRX
#398 – Morris Mini

Answers to common questions:

How do I become a driver?
Join the 3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League Facebook Group: We have contests at the beginning of each event.

Can I send in a car to race?
The only mail-in series we have is the King of the Mountain modified car series. Cars must be modified within a specific set of rules. Visit www.3dbotmaker.com/kotm for more details. Any other cars sent in may or may not get used. No guarantees.

Why am I watching this?
Because it’s awesome, and we made it for grown-ups like yourself. Kids want to see bright colors and sharks but not you. You value the attention detail and realistic ambiance that bring these races to life. So congratulation to you for having such good taste.

Where can I get some of that sweet MERCH?
Go to (Please be aware that 3DBotMaker merch may increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex…or is it the other way around? We’ll get back to you on that)

What is that wide track you are using?
It comes from the NASCAR Crash Racers set made by Adventure Force.

Other Links

3DBotMaker Shop: Building your own Diecast race track? Need a start gate or connectors? Visit www.3dbotmaker.com/shop

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  1. Bcat09 says

    What the hell is this lmao

  2. FadingPhoenix says

    D.I.Y tracks or? Pls tell

  3. Peter Wichtig says

    Hello and thank you for your great videos.Can you tell me where I can buy such wide streets.Or at least what their name is?Many greetings from Berlin Germany

  4. El Dado de Rolinger says

    "I know it's a stressful time all over the world"Thank you for what you are doing, you channel has fixed my week.

  5. manoman0 says

    "We have a new max air bonus line""WOOooooo!"When you are better than any other sports TV.

  6. Life with Nick and Hayley says

    I never knew this existed. I am already hooked at 2 minutes in. Love the professional commentary and the gorgeous attention to detail om the track and landscaping.Well done on dedication to producing truly fun and entertaining YouTube entertainment.A+

  7. Massive the Composer says

    I swear I woke up in an alternate universe. I got recommended the Marble Olympics and this in the same day… Did I die and wake up in a parody? 😂😂😂

  8. Andre Gustavo Burin says


  9. Chromico says

    Me watching this almost 6 months into quarantine…. what am I doing with my life.

  10. Wizard Toxic says

    How do you get that track

  11. charles sawallich says

    Labor day, 7.1 dolby on an grill fired up.

  12. Mother lover says

    "It's still social", ha ha

  13. Kelly G says

    Did I miss something, what happened to the Hotwheels rally finale from last time?

  14. skillsaw181 says

    Very well done enjoyed it 😊

  15. Chane Davis says

    I love 3D botmaker

  16. Tony Shum says

    Omg this is hilarious . Love it . !! JD has gt to join this.

  17. Fifth _Magic says

    E P I C

  18. Andi Samsidik says

    very nice…..!

  19. Damian Desouza says

    stopped watching when he couldnt pronounce Audi…..

  20. Andrew Greene says

    Wow, I used to have that #8, such a trip down memory lane to see that in the thumbnail!

  21. Rohit Gaikwad says

    Any Matchbox cars

  22. Adrian Paweł Jachimowicz says

    Yeah, I think I’m going to sleep.

  23. Q&Q of IKIGAI says

    Apakah aku satu² nya orang indo yg lihat ini?

  24. Pierce Henningson says

    When I see hot wheels it reminds me of you guys with the perfect track and lightingAnd car noises and your camera skills are amazing

  25. Marvin Main says

    Subaru 😍 ❤️🚙🇩🇪

  26. AsianTheIdentity says

    Would be cool to have viewers create custom hot wheels car and compete by sending them to you and having them race.

  27. Tyrone Wiggins says

    This is brilliant boys, absolutely engaging mates!

  28. J Dell says

    How can I enter a car? I will own that big air – well maybe.

  29. The Wizard says

    Excellent Job!! 😬👍👍

  30. RC CARS says

    Nice video

  31. Cole Svatba says

    I think my favorite part of these videos are that the audience is supposed to be children (I think) but it seems that most of them are teens/adults who just love to watch and listen

  32. Jamie Moynihan says

    I love how they’re just bickering and a dude just dies

  33. TPblHDEZZ says

    "Up next we hawe the current DRC champion. It's a bird, it's a plane, IT'S SUPERMAN Steven Kitchen"

  34. jeffsond says

    Awesome!! Thanks for the entertainment!

  35. snappy says

    I think I used to have a drc hotwheels car

  36. Маленький рыцарь 123 says

    Try to watch in x0.75 speed

  37. Anthony Dominguez says

    So this is better then Ghostjerker

  38. Blah Blah says

    im 33 yrlsds…sitting at my computer getting drunk. all my friends are working right now. i have no one to game with, so im sitting here watching this shit….wtf hahah i love it

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    Ado pulak orang malaysia. Hazman nor 😂😂

  40. Alexis Garcia says

    Damn Steven king is a beast

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