Diecast Rally Championship #4 – Round 2 | DRC Car Racing Series


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This video is intended for diecast collectors and racing fans 13+

Diecast Rally Championship Racing
DRC 2020 Event #4 – Round 2

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  1. Arie Panji Saputra says

    Why…steven king….why….

  2. Alex Wilson says

    Just stumbled upon this. That was awesome. Love the enthusiasm!

  3. Leo Correa says

    Wow! What a recovering by Crazy Jimmy!

  4. Tymon says

    we should get rules about crashing cars blocking others …not very sportive of them

  5. ツ サーファーテールツ abc abc says

    why did you put "pontiac Fiero" is a Ferrari Fiero

  6. HellBrYnger says

    so, will there be atleast some sort of "lucky loser" round for all the cars in the first 2 rounds of the series that didn't see the checkpoint and rule changes?

  7. KudosK says

    F for Steven King.

  8. marc unbut says

    The end was crazy

  9. Sreehari B says

    Totally addictive CHANNEL…..loved it….

  10. andrew limareff says

    Tom Hurst around the outside! Literally had me gasping for breath!

  11. Izume SAN says


  12. idiotluggage says

    I'm a bit disappointed that you keep mis-pronouncing the Ferrari Fiero.

  13. Thomas Frank says

    Hoping to see more BIG ERECTION??? … Oh, big air action.

  14. ThatOneGuy12 says

    How do we vote on cars because i wanna vote for Crazy Jimmy

  15. Ulisses Vinícios says

    Flying brick show off. Volvo will win this champ!

  16. Jonny5Fails says

    Why Crazy Jimmy so white?

  17. brotherhood says

    Wasit na licik anying teu adil

  18. Johnny Tarmidji says

    oh i want steven king to finally lose so baaaadd!

  19. Battleland Brothers says

    Hey 3Dbotmaker, Just wondering how wide your wide coroplast wide track is, if I could get a response, I would really appreciate it, I live in Australia and we have a hardware trade store, and they only have 2.5 mm thick, would that be good.RegardsBiggest 3Dbotmaker fan

  20. DavidSixSixFive says

    Harry Wrecker living up to that name.The Superman and Crazy Jimmy bringing the excitement. That was a wild round.

  21. Paul Landers says

    Best channel on Youtube!

  22. Mo_t1co 506 says

    Batmobile Ecto1Mistery machine KITTTime Machine/ Delorean Herbie!😅Let’s do this!!!!

  23. Mo_t1co 506 says

    Do some famous cars PLEASE!!!!!Ecto1, Mistery Machine, KITT, Delorean, general lee!…..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  24. SuperKurashima says

    Superman has his work cut out to survive this next round. Could we see a new King (or Queen) of the DRC?

  25. Pasayala97 bass cover says

    Still waiting for next video! 🙂

  26. BackDoorFlush says

    Crazy JImmy what a madlad

  27. Dindu Muffin says

    I didn't sign a waiver. Can I still watch?

  28. MhelsA3 says

    Run a cam on one of the cars

  29. LeeROBD says

    That Crazy Jimmie Crazy

  30. Subarumatias says

    how do i run in one of their races?

  31. Kevin Wacharapol says

    Andre Gutierrez just wanted to stop and see if Harry Wrecker was okay

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