1. QuantumKn1ght says

    I almost feel like this was how the song was meant to be heard, but in order to keep all the songs sounding the same Toby used the regular old undertale/ deltarune/ earthbound soundfont.

  2. Sir Snickerhamm says

    Hey, where is Megalovania?!

  3. 苺さくら says

    This honestly sounds better than the original. Awesome

  4. George D says

    Oh My God I Can See it running now!

  5. Nobody You Know says

    Sassy song.

  6. Mayushii says

    Diddy Kong Dancing

  7. TheAdvertisement says

    Getting K. Round as a powerup would allow you to temporarily squish anyone you touch.

  8. Nick Roselin Oleksiak says

    Jesus Christ, man. You're a soundfont LEGEND! And I don't mean that facetiously. You've got some serious talent. I hope you use your arrangement skills professionally at some point, if you haven't already.

  9. ToppatCat says


  10. Giant Sea Creature says

    I'm banjo!

  11. Franniel Martinez says


  12. Pizza Time says

    0 dislikes.

  13. ubiquitousMarxist says

    checker dance?

  14. Count Loonard says

    Rave on the Checker Floor

  15. Spartan Q201 Dexter Brother says

    good soundfont, but the soundtrack is bullshit and cringiest

  16. Jubb Obunga says

    it really works

  17. Sire Smashy says

    Oh god
    Imagine actually seeing this thing in a race

  18. Glowkitten says

    Checkers be rollin down that track!
    or something.

  19. Ethanotor Oculus says

    I LOVE the pull from DKR. Really works wonders to portray the tone.

  20. Stardust says

    holy shit it's perfect

  21. MiningSquirrel1 says

    It's called Checker Dance,
    'cos this is a BOP

  22. Crimson says

    Vs. That weird clock-faced guy from Diddy Kong Racing!

  23. Cobalt says

    Might be a bit tough to beat this guy in a race… he's got strong, long legs.

  24. Smash4fan says

    Earthbound 64's remake sounds great

  25. KJ Setser says


  26. . JJ1013 says


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