1. caped baldy says

    Do you only play with pc players?Iplay on xbox.

  2. Jaylen Lowe says

    hey juicy sorry but in week 6,your 1-4 vikings lost to my 0-5 falcons..do you know what happened and how they learned from their mistakes?

  3. Katie Thomas says

    Hi juice ur the best

  4. Ozzie Burkett says

    Lace up🏉🏉🏉🏉🏆🏆

  5. Eric Grotberg says

    What’s your faifret football team

  6. Gerald Jones says

    Geraldjones backkk

  7. Cherry Fleming says

    me be like i can dime;D juicy be like LOOK AT DES DIMEZ

  8. GamerGod - ROBLOX¿ says

    you should do davante adams that would be cool

  9. hockeydude19CPR CPR says

    Hope u have a good thanksgiving John!

  10. BlueViper says

    This is how many times juicy said ahh

  11. cubi172C says

    Calvin cook I can't catch: qb kirt your as Calvin cook:

  12. cubi172C says

    juicy John lit

  13. AlphaGhosty says

    I have an idea for a series. Instead of pretending to me NFL players, pretend to be ff youtubers. (I know this idea is gonna be short) for instance like the dimer u have to run and use 95 power, for DimeMemeQ u have to bullet and TRY to dime but cant

  14. Mobile gamer Can moss says

    Hope you post again soon love this vid 😁😁😁

  15. Tumaurion god says

    I was in your game lol

  16. TripperTurfTalk says

    im so good at running but i never get a chace

  17. TITAN CROFT says


  18. Super Kraft11 says


  19. Diego Salas says

    Do a face cam while playing futball fusion pls

  20. Critical_lock says

    play as Travis Fulgham

  21. JadeBlade says

    Is juicy john a vikings fan?

  22. FBI says

    me waiting for zeke

  23. Nelson Larin says

    Me:trying to mix

    Juicy John:breaks my ankles

    Everyone:*THE MIX*


  24. Junior says

    Can u make Daniel jones

  25. JesterJestr says

    If you're favorite player is Brett Farve, play as him!

  26. Barbara Baker says

    Juicy could you add me cause I never got to be in vip and my user name is Xxlim3_dreamsxX
    Also me: tryna mix
    Bots: auto tackle
    Juicy: doesn’t even try

  27. Barbara Baker says


  28. Andrew Dunford says

    I love DALVIN COOK

  29. Jjtheking34 :o says


  30. jay mxntana says


  31. Themosser Yt says

    can u pin me for no reason

  32. Aubrey Kincheon says

    Bring Geogre Kittle in football universe please

  33. Toad says

    We all love juicy you can't lie

  34. 2Kgazzy Y says

    Alvin kamara

  35. Slate Rangel says

    Do Keenan allen

  36. Among Us Tournament says

    Juicy you a Vikings fan?

  37. Roman Coleman-Isaac says

    Juicy john will you ever show your face and play football fusion. While drinking juicy juice?

  38. Apple Blueberry says

    Who is your fav player?

  39. Asha Gaye says


  40. Nathan Flores says

    Cowboys vs viking may the best team win😒😒😒😒😒😒

  41. MoneyBallerMike ROBLOX says

    DO DREW BREES, i know you hate the saints

  42. Kep Peng says

    I am so sad I woke up and found out my pc graphics are too old for roblox so I can’t play roblox fusion anymore 😭

  43. Joseph Thomas says


  44. KingVibez says

    Where is Kirk cousin’s and Justin Jefferson

  45. Konnxd Beast says

    Not early

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