CUBAN STREET FOOD | What locals eat in Cuba | Havana Travel Vlog


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We did today’s food tour through with Cesar! 🙂

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Is Cuban food any good? What do the local Cubans eat? We find out today on our food tour with a local! We try tons of street food, drinks, and snacks on the streets of Havana, Cuba and learned SO much about Cuban culture!

Travel vlog 582 | Havana, Cuba | Country #84/100

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  1. L B says

    Ma’am that churro dip shot was pornographic.

  2. Lizzie says


  3. Medina In Miami says


  4. Rupam Sharma says

    the place reminds me of camila cabello

  5. Martha Fernandez says

    I hope you had a good time in my home country now you have to come to Miami to little Havana and enjoy Cuba in the USA

  6. Margarita Cambest says

    Pasta means paste.

  7. Cindy Rodriguez says

    cuba has the best people and food

  8. Hudson Hawk6 says

    Im going to Cuba with 100,000 dollars in 100 dollar bills and just hand them out to people. Oh wait that’s illegal there. You have give it to the state and they will decide who needs it and when.

  9. Stephanie Gruenberg says

    Yay for another day with Cesar (and a food tour)! Obviously you had to stop at the chocolate museum! (How could anyone pass that up). Loved the bloopers with Cesar!

  10. Superrooper Rall says


  11. Kevin CinnamonToast says

    Looks sad, it's coming to a city near you.

  12. Sur Le says

    I loved how y’all visited my country… just some things you said aren’t fully true….

  13. Hilary Salas says

    Socialism 😬

  14. Anna Lu says

    everyone can get cuban currency. you just go to the bank. it is not a hidden secret

  15. Jane London says

    Bucket list!! Looks like a good time with good food, rich culture and Cesar!!! Cesar is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. 😍

  16. The LIZARD YT says

    Loved the vids thinking of goin to Cuba. now I think I'll make the journey from the u.k thanks guys

  17. Zack says

    neeeeeeeeeeeeeed 1440p. that is all thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  18. Tara Gosik says

    You keep finding places to eat .

  19. Jamie Paramski says

    Great video!! Why no churros for Kara? They are so good!! Just curious. 🙂

  20. H. says

    Ok but can I have the guide’s number

  21. Neha Koganti says

    When Kara said " I know ", I was laughing. Haha. LOL. Also laughing when Nate was explaining the Wi-Fi parks.

  22. Eric Cartman says

    Her eyebrows scare me.

  23. Eric Cartman says

    These two come off as really fake. I am pretty sure they are rude and mean off the camera. They only care about money and don't care enough to know about the countries, cultures, and problems the population faces.

  24. Alexis Gem says

    I really enjoyed your video just subscribed 😬

  25. Pelle Händén says

    excellent editing Kara!!

  26. MrEbeet says

    Kara, you may be able to cut the editing time down to 4 hours if you use two hands.

  27. Sariri Kallpa says

    "pan con pasto", hahahahaha. Actually it's "pastA"

  28. tewkawaii says

    another typical white microagressive tourist video

  29. Irene Tang says

    love your footage!! the color and quality comes out really beautifully… can I ask what camera you use??

  30. Raj ace says

    5.15 is its Nityananda ?????

  31. Eternal Summer Rising - Traveling Techies says

    Cuba has some really good and tasty street food.

  32. Gabrielle Williams says

    How did you guys get to use the CUP if y'all are tourists? Because I heard the Cubans would only accept the CUC from tourists….Is it that Caesar bought everything for y'all?

  33. Ramesh Singh says

    You are best blogger of world

  34. May says

    Kara and Nate I’m Cuban and I loved this. Thanks for bringing my home memories back. ❤️

  35. Mr. X says

    worst white washed commentary ever

  36. Lan Nguyen says

    Does cesar have an Instagram—asking for research purposes

  37. tita coleen says

    ok but what is ur friends @ he cute af

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