CS-224 Computer Organization Lecture 03


Lecture 3 (2010-02-02)
Introduction (cont’d)

CS-224 Computer Organization
William Sawyer
2009-2010- Spring
Instruction set architecture (ISA), ISA design considerations, RISC vs. CISC, assembly and machine language, programming a RISC machine. Computer arithmetic, arithmetic logic unit, floating-point numbers and their arithmetic implementations. Processor design, data path and control implementation, micro programmed control, exception detection. Pipelining, hazards, pipelined processor design, hazard detection and forwarding, branch prediction and exception handling. Memory hierarchy, principles, structure, and performance of caches, virtual memory, segmentation and paging. I/O devices, I/O performance, interfacing I/O.

  1. S Ach says

    complete book for this series….https://www.pdfdrive.com/computer-organization-and-design-fourth-edition-the-hardware-software-interface-the-morgan-kaufmann-series-in-computer-architecture-and-design-e186092607.html

  2. Vanillama says

    Fantastic teacher. Glad I found these videos.

  3. 姚命宏 says

    Great videos!!!

  4. Abdu Yimam says

    best ever, thank you

  5. Pythonpro freak says

    7mm processor at 2nd Quarter of 2019 just 9 years after this video is captured. Speed is not much of a thing anymore as people are concern more on performance/watt/price ratio.

  6. Moid Qureshi says

    Please upload CS 223 lectures also.

  7. mehmet balkan says

    hoca çok iyisin!!!

  8. Kamal Othman Kamal Ahmad says

    plz i want slide's lecatures ?!

  9. Junaid Muthukadn says

    can anyone give me complete ppt's of his course

  10. Hao Xiong says

    "You got to look ahead and see where is the future going and get there to be ready before it gets there"Thanks professor!

  11. Shahrukh Amir says

    Great video! , very helpful. Thanks

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