Crowds dance in Piccadilly Circus & play cricket in Peckham after 10pm curfew


Drunken Brits danced in central London and even played cricket in the street after pubs closed at 10pm.

A large mob of revellers were filmed singing and bopping along to music from a blaring sound system in Piccadilly Circus last night.

Read more: ‘Coronavirus chaos as crowds dance in Piccadilly Circus and play cricket in street in Peckham after pubs kick out at 10pm’

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  1. Cute Orenji says

    Of all places to play cricket in London why Peckham

  2. Anna Lafayette says

    Yay! Everyone waking up!🤣

  3. Jamie Fisher says

    idiots wont be partying like that when someone like there mother dies cos they gave her the virus but yeah us normal sane people can laugh at it

  4. lyndon lyndon-watkins says

    The band should have a heavy fine.

  5. niche 123 says

    Really easy, just deploy the fire brigade. They will soon go home when they are cold and wet.

  6. キラ星ネット says


  7. traveller77 says

    I am 70 years young ,these young people are a Breathe of fresh air , singing and dancing ,enjoying themselves , despite the fascist government who are determined to bring this country and the people to it's knees , with their fake covid-19 . Flu kills more people every year , over 10 to 15 thousand in the UK alone . but they never batted an eyeball then .

  8. jbs says

    Dose Bo jo and gov think corvid starts it shift at 10 pm..

  9. Rob says

    This is why we are having more restrictions because of idiots like them. If only they could research how this strain of the zoontic SARS 2 works by attaching its self to the hosts receptors and replicates in a very different way to the common cold virus I don't think they would be playing cricket.

  10. Rocha Alexandre says


  11. Empress Jade Simeon Ellis says

    At least no one is fighting, Our Spirits are being crushed, and working in a Youth environment it really is hard for all us but more for our Young People. Fulljoy yourselves whenever you all can.
    I for one miss my Reggae Dances and Festivals all over the World!
    You all Keep Safe and Well.

  12. Stephen Wright says

    We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year from Boris…..

  13. johnnyboy sixty1 says

    Well done people ….People of Britain you must wake up to what this Goverment is doing…taking away our our .liberties…under the falsehood of keeping us safe ..! There Restrictions have caused more Pain .. Suffering & death than this so called Virus ..! Let us live our lives ….!

  14. Ivan Amassivedump says

    Surely we are more at risk after sitting on our backsides, drinking excessively and consuming food like bears approaching hibernation. I’d say you’re more at risk surely?
    Nothing beats a pro active life for health and immunity.

  15. Gerardo21 Ortiz says

    0:19 I stopped my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  16. Mari Teabag says

    For those abroad, this is a very small part of London, LONDON isn't the UK, it is only a city in England, England is only a part of the UK.

  17. Mari Teabag says

    So, the whole world is wrong then..apart from young people? They are immune are they? Children too selfish to think about anyone else. Just in case it's true, they could try to think of others, the evidence is there all over the world. I'm saddened by how they are behaving. No one had a problem just going home at 11pm for decades but these spoilt, entitled, selfish children can't do without anything!

  18. Jakey Krause says

    Yeah sure party on and let the weak people die off???…

    Very humane… Party on while a man with asthama lays in a bed dieing, party on while an old lady is breathing her last breath, party on as a child with a weak immune system is taken by covid…

    Party on all you want… But just remember the ones who are going to suffer from it.

    Herd immunity works yes but not when a country is densly populated.

    1 million deaths already. Do you think its suitable to add too the body count

  19. lewis Forster says

    You love too see it

  20. __4QV1N0__ _ says

    No terrorist attack? Ok..

  21. Hi Hi Hi says

    Well done resistance is our only way out of the fourth industrial revolution

  22. Terry Betts says

    Bunch of irresponsible idiots

  23. Mark Duggan says

    Sweet. Stuff the corrupt media and treasonous governments. Freedom, or death by Bills vaccine.

  24. Simon Foster says

    The government have a political agenda they are sticking to. They totally ignore the facts that lock downs do not work and are killing many more than the kung flu. If the government can do as they please, why can't we?

  25. haydenellie says

    Total tosses you think it’s a joke well it isn’t grow up and perhaps we can all get back to normal. No it isn’t made up or a government conspiracy. Government over the top yes but act responsibly and it will be over sooner. Made up No I’ve had it it isn’t fun when you are struggling to get a breath and when you think you are getting better you find out your lungs are scarred and every muscle in your body is agony.

  26. Lee Mendez says

    Oh dear oh dear. The web is closing in on their PLANNED agenda & they know it. The 99% are starting to fight back 👊✊

  27. Sarah grant says

    im not a tory fan, but you cannot blame this government for your drunken selfish actions

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