In our ongoing quest to satiate our viewers’ felonious curiosities, we made a series of “cricket-bombs” out of empty CO2 containers using various explosive fillers.

Though cricket bombs are rather small explosive devices, they are considered Destructive Devices under the National Firearms Act (ATF) and making one without the right paperwork is no different than making a machine-gun. So obviously don’t do this at home.

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  1. Jake Lambuth says

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    Go there for all your purchasing needs and help us out. Much appreciated!

  2. P DIB says

    "Out of hand here" lol

  3. SlipperyNips says

    Wrap that thing in small steel nuts

  4. Jon Iwanyszyn says

    I had a blast with lots of different compounds over my life but never made a habit of putting anything in a metal container. Cardboard tubes or plastic bags…. still have my body in one piece and vision I'm done.

  5. Big igloo Hype says

    when do you guys think you can make the hell cannon v2 i really enjoyed the first one

  6. Larry Schmidt says

    Built these as kids with the powder we scraped out of roll caps and the heads of farmer matches packed in together. Surround with glass bottles and you get a lot of frag.

  7. Little Huey says

    How about a video on the difference of black power , anfo and nitrocellulose ?

  8. Gerry James says

    Actually, I made these as a child using match heads scraped off the stick mixed with propellant from .22 rimfire shells. They worked like a champ.

  9. James Fry says

    How come you're allowed to make a bomb but if I made a bomb and put it on YouTube I'd be in prison

  10. Isher says

    Y'all should use a meat target a la Paul Harrell.

  11. Craig R says

    Hey I went to school with two guy who packed match heads into CO2 cylinders, one guy is missing fingers and the other guy has only half a biceps muscle in his one arm. Would love to see that go off as well

  12. Cmdr shotgun says

    Does anybody think this is really a good idea to show how much fun making little mini hand fragmentation grenades can be? No, it is not. It is in my mind pretty irresponsible, PSA or not.

  13. kurt robinson says

    Ah yes, the internet free flow of information. Last time I saw these things was in the 1980's. Was on a canoe trip when the 50 shut down the park. Some dude got busted fishing with them. Cops were searching everyone's boat and car till they caught the dude. They got him. A bit of technology best forgotten.

  14. Timour mari muntz says

    Wait, not everybody made napalm as kids? Oh wait, everyone here did, the rest of the normal people didn't, my bad.

  15. spike001ton says

    I never knew co2 bombs were a thing till I read the book on Columbine

  16. Stephen Allen says

    "As you can see here, things got outta hand."

  17. Bob Dylan says

    I subscribed. It seems your channel is all about blowing things to pieces. This is content I can enjoy.

  18. decentbeadle 313 says

    isis is typing…

  19. Dirty Dovi says

    Imagine a TATP variation of these.. *Ka-Blam!!* 🤣
    When someone was young in the 90s, he had some equally crazy friends who used to play around with these..
    C02 cylinder / Black powder / Cannon fuse / Silicone
    They were an absolute blast! [bad pun] I'd assume.. The all time best was when one of them was placed in the center
    of three 2-liter soda bottles that were filled with Avgas.. Talk about an BIG bright boom & mushroom cloud! So I hear..
    [Silicone sealed / waterproof versions: Apparently those would work wonders when tossed into ponds]
    One would think that a safer way of igniting would be to use a model rocket motor ignitor instead of a traditional fuse..
    That way, they could be safely touched off via a powered wired source or wireless / remotely..
    Ah, hose were the days..

  20. G Migs says

    Grass hopper n the shoulder lol

  21. dragenzfyre01 says

    what if you took a dremel and grooved a pineapple shape into it, or checker board pattern, would you get better fragmentation?

  22. Brody Reynolds says

    Cool video bad demo

  23. Tim Hofstetter says

    You'd get far better fragmentation if you scarified the canister.

  24. Yelectric says

    bruh what the hell

  25. Benevolent Highwayman says

    I thought napalm sticks to kids.

  26. Hoosier Patriot says

    Go check out my fav Chanel that stopped uploading sons of xplosions

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