1. The Bucana Squad says

    Hello family, keep safe.

  2. Pau Len_01 says

    take care po

  3. IT Mixer says

    Good po

  4. Family boriba vlog says

    ang sarap naman yan nakakagutom ,keep safe po

  5. joan sa canada says

    keep safe and enjoy the date..hehehhehhehhehe

  6. Bahay ni Miles Away says

    Nice video introduction.. foods looks so delicious. The place is nice too no other customers not crowded which is good safe from getting kovid . Yes always follow social distancing and wear facemask . Prime ribs my favorite too. Sweet nyo naman kabayan. Keep safe always. GOD Blessed both of you too and the whole family. Buong suporta sayo kabayan.

  7. Rica’s TV says

    Stay safe lovely introduction keep it up

  8. Ben Trinchera says

    Keep blogging for all of your family nice intro ngustuhan ko nice song

  9. Da_sisteritas says

    kalami sa sushi 🙂

  10. M&J Sweet Kitchen says

    kadaghan sa order ohh galaway noon ko!

  11. Julia Clark says

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  12. Inday Alexa vlog says

    Maghimo nlang ko ana oi kay close pa dre hahaha g ahak

  13. Inday Alexa vlog says

    padung ayala man lahe ni

  14. lovely Cakes says

    yummy !!nagutom uroy ko

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