1. Drew Yetti says

    Looks like things are more likely to get worst before anything can get better. I’ve lost my job due to the lockdown after being on furlough for along time.

  2. Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe says

    Trump already said he's opening the country up after the election and Britain you'll be locked down again. Enjoy

  3. UltimateMoralizer says

    You’re right, Britain isn’t a free country at all.

  4. UltimateMoralizer says

    This covid pandemic is getting way out of hand. I don’t know anyone who isn’t sick of it. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the whole world ends up bankrupt and there’s riots and anarchy. I’m sick of wearing a mask too. What I HATE the most is having to download that app to do scans. I’m so not doing that. I’m sure a lot of people won’t conform.

  5. james wilcox says

    keep strong mate

  6. Transvestism RJ Dash says

    Hey Scotty! I had the government actually shutdown my internet specifically early on in your Mafia livestream! It’s all sorted now! But I’m glad your back! Fuck this Covid Bullshit! It’s becoming a joke now! I hope for some more from you! I’ll be there!!!! 🙂 Cheers! :3

  7. Sorji Battle says

    You might as well throw away the decade hell even the 2030s

  8. Sorji Battle says

    I don't know what to make of this fucked up world anymore

  9. Sorji Battle says

    The death tolls stay going up in America, and stupid Trump continues poring gas on the fire with his reckless behavior

  10. Thor says

    Covid 19 is a world Masonic creation… 3×3 = 9. 33 is the highest degree in masonry…this is spiritual warfare….it is a war without people realizing there is a war…

  11. André Gaveau says

    I have said these lockdowns were BS since the beginning. This "second wave" is just happening because tests are increasing.

  12. VHS and Story Uploader 89 Revival says

    I was told that there won't be a vaccine for COVID-19 until Spring 2021, though I have my doubts

  13. Darth Bane 666 says

    its all a hoax anyhow

  14. Deebee Cooper says

    Are you buying XRP ?

  15. Zachary Wicks says

    If Biden wins the White House his first order of business is to put the US into lockdown from three months to a year or longer.

  16. BIG J of Kansas city says

    I'm tired of this too scotty 2021 looks pretty bad

  17. Racing Commentator says

    Your rants are always a good listen. I can see this going on for years.

  18. Scott Bartram says


  19. SaltyPokemonTrainr says

    Boris Johnson sounds like Donald DRUMPF! our president is so useless he even managed to GET Covid 19! Wtf.

  20. Jawara D. King - author of 7 books says

    good to hear from 'ya 👂

  21. Jorn Verschoor says

    Bitcoin fixes this……

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