Cops & Robbers at 200MPH in Hotshot Racing


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Hotshot Racing Gameplay is back! We’re jumping into Hotshot Racing Cops & Robbers, Drive or Explode and checking out some more of the Hotshot Racing Customization! Thanks to Hotshot Racing for Sponsoring this video.

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Title: Dimensions by Hellberg
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  1. AR12Gaming says


  2. AwesomeCarGuy says

    9:09-9:37 "Bang and the car is gone" Cillit Bang Reference

  3. AwesomeCarGuy says


  4. AwesomeCarGuy says


  5. AwesomeCarGuy says


  6. Callum Burton says

    Wow that game looks cool ar12.😃👍

  7. Callum Burton says

    Nice car ar12.😃👍

  8. Callum Burton says

    Good video ar12.😃👍

  9. Yeng Xiong says

    I'm so use to AR12 saying welcome back to forza horizon 4

  10. Jaime says

    Hey nick hopefully you see this but I kinda want you to revisit pixel car racer again just for a video and if it does decent you should do it again

  11. Eric Klarnet says

    How about replaying Need For Speed Carbon?

  12. Key Racr06 says

    anyone else not finding it in gamepass? or is it not out yet because nick said its is on gamepass

  13. Klob says


  14. Micracer Animations says

    Felt like I was watching nfs hot pursuit

  15. Sir Spaz says

    i couldnt find this in game pass

  16. Tahj Paul says

    how many quarters does it take to play this game?

  17. Im going to drink clorox says

    Wow Project Cars 3 down graded huh

  18. Adrian barreto says

    Hey what about the upgrade for your mustang


    Revisit the crew 1

  20. Zain G GAMMER says

    well sir well

  21. Blaster Anonymous says

    This is Ar12's 2nd time playing Hotshot Racing meanwhile this is my first time watching 3:08 oooh that f1 ended his career so savagely

  22. Tobobabong says

    Game looks cool

  23. Sohan Ashukumar says

    Froza horizon 1 hide and seek (day 16)

  24. someone unknown says

    Me when I get new game… 3:26

  25. master_dragon bite yt says

    Cross:hey hotshot

  26. DJ cat says

    Can you help crew 2 off road boss

  27. that fujiwara tofu says

    Why does this remind me of outrun 2.

  28. GB.GameTECHS says

    Why doesn't Nick work for PlayStation or Xbox cause he always plays many games

  29. Alexander Carlson says

    3:12 I thought he was going to say absolute dick head like he did in fh4 manhunt

  30. Alexander Carlson says

    Yo ar when ya gonna get a haircut

  31. William Wear says

    It's not on xbox gamepass

  32. Hunter Crawfird says

    I’m sticking to forza

  33. Noel Dejesus says

    Oh i get it! They add cops here to look like a Hot Pursuit. That looks more much fun!@8:14 "how hard can Expert really be?"What kind of dumb question is that!? 😂😂

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