Tasty treats and cooking ideas to try this Christmas

Alright, folks, all of us wonder what our Christmas table will be like, and since most of us are at home, it’s time to experiment around a bit. Today I give you some cooking ideas and easy-to-follow recipes you’ll adore. Follow our waffle maker tricks, and you’ll amaze all of your guests.
If you can’t make s’mores, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite treat. You can simply add a few marshmallows in your waffle maker, melt them and enjoy the fluff with a spoon.
Another thing you can make in your waffle maker is pizza. Add the dough in the waffle maker and cook it. Then, add your pizza tomato sauce on top and the toppings of your choice.
I also show you how to prepare a unique, rainbow birthday cake for your loved ones in the waffle maker using just cookie dough and whipped cream.

0:27 – How to make pizza in the waffle maker
2:04 – Making a birthday cake in the waffle maker
3:35 – Noodles pita in the waffle maker
4:47 – The waffle burger
6:52 – Tortilla bites
7:47 – Making an omelet in the waffle maker
8:53 – Mashed potato bites in the waffle maker

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  1. Faiyaz Jama says

    What is A Machine Name Tell Me

  2. Gargi's World says

    Why am I seeing because I don't have a waffle maker

  3. Azza Mohamed says

    I liked the cake one ONLY

  4. KING MUSIC says
  5. Lindsey Edensor says

    hi i love your vids lol

  6. jitendra upadhyay says


  7. Chocolate Bean says

    How many waffles u bought bc I tried all of these didn’t work like why do everything y’all see ends up a hack ?!

  8. ITSPEZZ !!! says

    Legend has it you can also make waffles in the waffle iron

  9. Hung Le says

    Im from vietnam

  10. ITSPEZZ !!! says

    The noodles one just seems gross

  11. eli koistinen says

    You messed up the waffle maker

  12. Nisha Joshi says

    Bruh why noodle pancake I will just get a fork or spoon bruh -_-

  13. li wanyao says

    5:27 they left way too much footage of her eating in the video 😂 she had taken 3 bites by the time they moved on, like “LeTs WaTcH hEr EaT, tHaT’s NoRmAl RiGhT?”

  14. li wanyao says

    3:37 she’s really bad at pretending to not know how to use chopsticks. She picked up a lot every single time. You would think as a channel with nearly 10 years of experience, they would’ve cut it and got someone who actually didn’t know how to use them.

  15. Ben Hayward says

    she couldnt bite into a donut like it was frozen chocolate but broke it in half like it was soft bread

  16. Airry’s Gacha says


  17. Airry’s Gacha says


  18. Shreya Patel says


  19. Aniq Jiwani says

    3:42 if you are not able to grip your noodles with a chopstick just get a fork and you won’t even have to get your hands dirty or get the noodles tasting bad and the biggest one not to get your waffle smelling like noodles

  20. Manjusree Ghosh says

    I know what you are doing you are checking the comment box

  21. Priyamka Singh says

    nobody ..
    literally nobody..
    Mexicans and Chinese after seeing
    waffle tarcos and waffle noodles

  22. 선호랭이 says

    3:42 와 슈발 개에바다 라면을 왜 저렇게 먹음

  23. Manpreet Kaur says


  24. Auni Farzana says

    Who is watching like this
    — in the bed
    — not full screen
    — seeing comment box

  25. U.nashmia reemaz X-N says


  26. Ava Noelle says

    why are you putting things in a waffle maker that shouldn't be in a waffle maker

  27. Best buddies says

    Silly hacks

  28. Nat Payne says

    #0:09 WaAaaAaaaAAaaaaAAaaaaaAAAaaaaattttTt tHE fAwk

  29. Ariana Hunter says

    This is how many times they used a different waffle iron

  30. Kavitha Ramesh says

    For that noodles too she will do in that only ya in chop stick it didn't come means you can take in foke know

  31. blueberry fox says

    Anybody else see the human finger??? 7:50

  32. Be Yourself says

    2:01 she’s not even wearing a watch

  33. Jellcymae San Miguel says


  34. bucketof 1%milk says

    you ever just like…watch these? like my brain is fried and its two in the morning

  35. Lillianna Gonzalez says

    Y did she put chocolate syrup on eggs and bacon ewwwwwwww

  36. Lillianna Gonzalez says

    How Times can you guys eat

  37. Lillianna Gonzalez says

    Tell the dude to brush his teeth

  38. Mr Dark says

    good life hacks

  39. Hunter Pelton says

    Dude why.. just why

  40. Sabri Kucer says


  41. Layla Trimble says

    Is something to hard?! Is it a pain to do?!


  42. Toys / relaxing Asmr says

    I kind of not liked what she did to the noodles. They look so GOOD.

  43. Good Crafts says

    Have you ever seen making eggplant in clay?

  44. Ryan QIAN says

    4:43 bruh thats a lot of ketchup

  45. Ryan QIAN says

    bruh this is all about waffle machines? Dislike.

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