Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level Part 19


Cool and Powerful Agriculture Machines That Are On Another Level Part 19
In this video:
1. Banana tree cutting machine: Shree Krishna Trailer
2. Hydraulic disc harrow for banana farm: Shree Krishna Trailer
3. Rice reaper binder machine in Pakistan: Na LI
4. The 4W Reaper Binder harvests wheat & ties the bundles automatically in one single operation:
5. Tractor operated rear-mounted Reaper binder:
6. Implements used for detrashing sugarcane in the sugarfield – India agriculture machine:
7. HAMCO mini rice transplanter operating:
8. Oxbo 7450 Top Load Berry Harvester:
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  1. Machine City says

    amazing technology

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    0:54 that ain't it chief

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  6. Shoonya - Body says

    And why is he destroying all these banana trees?

  7. suprvideo says

    Please stabilize your videos.

  8. Josué Miranda De Oliveira Miranda says

    The best tecnology of agricultury!

  9. Z says

    ale po chuj robić snopki jaki i tak trzeba mieć młocarnie

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