Computer Training in Nepali |Lesson 1|निःशुल्क कमप्युटर तालिम सिकौ।Basic computer course in nepali|


Computer Training in Nepali |Lesson 1|निःशुल्क कमप्युटर तालिम सिकौ।Basic computer course in nepali|In this video i described about various aspects of computer fundamentals. If you want to learn computer course staying at your home through you-tube the join this channel and also like the video and share it with your friends. it will help you to know all details information basic computers. This channel is for every one who want to get free computer training in nepali language . I want to provide best technical trainings in nepali language through youtube, its my dream to share my knowlagde to my level best and easy mannaer so help me commenting your openion and hitting like button.
Thanks lots… Regards, Sahil Yadav , Jawalkhel, Lalitpur Nepal
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