Computer Security Basics



Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Length: 30 Minutes

Security / Data Integrity

Purpose of Class:

This class introduces you to the basic concepts of computer security.

Topics Covered:

Defining Hackers
Updating Software
Antivirus Software
Antimalware Software
Site Advisors
Internet Security Suites
Web Browser Security Problems
Class Notes:

Defining Hacker
There are many reasons why people hack. Some do it for fun, profit or to prove a point.
Hacking is simple enough that a 9 year old can do it.
Software Flaws / Updates
Are the prime reasons computers are compromised
Anti Virus
Protects against viruses
A virus is self replicating and tries to damage a computer
Anti Malware
Malware is software that’s primary purpose is not to damage a computer
Malware generally tries to collect information about a user, or tries to force a user to visit sites or buy products.
Hardware firewalls are built into routers
Software firewalls are installed onto your computer
“Security” Suites
Security Suites can be worse than hackers — We have met the enemy and he is us.
If you use an account other than ADMINISTRATOR or ROOT when you normally use your computer you will be more secure.
Site Advisors
Warn you if you are going to an “unsafe” site
Web Browsers
The Problem with Internet Explorer is that is does more than just browse the Internet.
Firefox and Chrome are better but still have problems

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    Is that a nadarajan statue I see at 30:00 , wow Eli is into Hinduism ? haha

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    to manufacturers of these internet securiety suits, why cant you smarten up?

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  6. David Jones says

    Passwords! How can you do a security basics video and not even mention passwords!? It doesn't matter what antivirus or firewall you're running if you are stupid with your passwords.

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    how does this all apply/not apply for Apple users?

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    This vid was fun and informative to watch.And Eli's warrior antics, were so much more entertaining,than most AAA video games, and cheesy Hollywood movies.Good tut!👍

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    Your computer security video is very helpful for beginners.

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    One important note to add that was left out – do not open unknown or untrusted executable files

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    thanks alot i never rely knee the difference between virus and spyware

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    Not all anti-virus are good cuz viruses could always be encrypted and have proxies on it to make it real or an exe that opens a form that makes it not look like a virus

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    Great boilerplate, bringing the heat to the newbs.

  28. Liberty DIY says

    Sounds ridiculous, but it is possible that updating software and anti virus software is causing more problems than viruses and hacking, unbelievable bloat right. First step if you are having problems with your computer, reinstall your OS. Keep your data off the C drive so you can reinstall easily.

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