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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. This persuasive talk shows how essential and easy it is to gain a basic understanding of computer science learning principles. Our world increasingly driven by technology and software, so we all need to know the creative, problem-solving power of computer science. This is especially important to students who will lead the way in our shared future. Learn how you can take the next step at .

Hadi Partovi learned computer science so he could have games to play on the computer his father gave him (a Commodore 64) when he was 10 years old in Iran. Since then he has worked as computer programmer and also as an entrepreneur, investor, and as co-founder of, a nonprofit dedicated to growing computer science education in the US and worldwide. Hadi has been Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for Internet Explorer, was General Manager of where he helped deliver 30% annual growth and MSN’s only year of profit. He was on the founding teams of Tellme and iLike. As an angel investor and startup advisor, Hadi’s portfolio includes Facebook, Zappos, Dropbox, airbnb, OPOWER, Flixster, Bluekai, TASER, and many others.

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  1. CubeMaster says

    Yep, you escaped from iran actually, you became success, have a good life, me/we iranians at iran are losing hope each day, All of my ideas about what im gonna do are now actually fuked up with this economy, even buying a computer is becoming impossible!

  2. RaphaelkW says

    He's very calm and articulateGreat initiative. Coding really is for all

  3. Tristige says

    Are you sure? Every tech company around here just outsources the tech jobs to India or brings in workers via visa. I see the CS market getting vary saturated, especially with ppl like this going around and telling everyone to get into CS.

  4. 2MorrowInc says

    Great talk!   Listen to why we need to teach computer science in schools.. in fact why we all need computer science. Check out the great work they are doing with the Hour of Code program. 

  5. Павел Втюрин says

    Good for you

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