Computer Fundamentals – Part 1 – V1


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Computer Fundamentals – Part 1. This is the first video of the series, where in we will explain about the what is a computer, History of computers, Generations of computers and also about what a computer is made up of in detail.

  1. Anil prasad Singh says

    Thank you sir

  2. shatrunjay kumar says

    Thanks sir to explain it👍

  3. shatrunjay kumar says

    I understand this video nicely 👍

  4. Karamchand Oraon says

    very easy explain

  5. richa yadav says

    Thank-you sir

  6. ParkTech says

    This is great for the starters, but that voice doesn't sound very…reassuring…

  7. ishwar wagh says

    creative informetions

  8. Leena Santhakumari says

    very useful to the beginners

  9. Girls Rock says

    very knowledgable

  10. Manjil Lama says

    thank you

  11. susantha sampath says

    importent and short and sweet

  12. Bhagyesh Joshi says


  13. MEGHA SHARMA says

    Abijeet sir thanx, this is awesome

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