Colette Brawl Stars Rap Song | Brawl Stars Rap song (Official Music Video)


Colette Brawl Stars Rap Song | Brawl Stars Rap song (Official Music Video)

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💥Thanks to the creator of fanart…
💥i have made the brand new brawler colette’s rap music song… Hope you like it

💥Background song link:-
💥colette voice

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Brawl kings 👑🤘
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  1. Brawl Kings says

    Guys please wear headphone for best experience…. 🤘

  2. DarkWarrior says

    I song is awesome just improve the sound visualizer

  3. SanderGaming Brawl Stars says

    Really Amazing!!!

  4. • 046 says



    Eww im going to my srcap

  6. Andrei Gogoneață says

    Nice bro

  7. mom.fon.latte kulya says

    Hahaha XD!! lol

  8. Lonewolf chf says

    Lmao people putting vevo in the thumbnail even tho they have nothing to do with it

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  10. Jolanta Cichowska says

    C nice 🦎👩🍭

  11. Jolanta Cichowska says

    C nice 🦎

  12. Medal - Brawl stars says

    That’s so cool!!

  13. Medal - Brawl stars says


  14. Shihab Magdi says

    Wow, you're my legend.

  15. Naufal Aditya says

    Nice music😃

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  17. Isaac Gamer says

    The best 🙂 🤗

  18. Just Play Musik says

    Brawl Kings Really ! Awesome and good stuff Dear…♦♦♦♦♦♦

  19. Ho Zixuan says

    Gooooood videooooo :]

  20. Ana Cruz says

    Wow que vídeo tan genial

  21. Infinite Youtuber says

    Nice Music Man. Can i get a Heart ?

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  23. Dr.Manal Alhamali says

    WOW 🤩 😱😱😎😍 nice and cool song

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    Thé one commentaire

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