Climate Change: Our greatest health threat, or our greatest opportunity for better health?


This video was produced by the Global Climate and Health Alliance to coincide with their recent briefing report (

It explains how climate change threatens human health – and why this outlook does not have to be the path we choose. You can contact the GCHA here:


Video produced by No Frontiers Media
Additional footage supplied by Greenpeace
Additional Greenpeace Photos by Dean Sewell and Markel Redondo
UN Photo by Eskinder Debebe
Additional Footage supplied by Wildfire Creative (

With thanks to:
Bicycle Cape Town (
Project 90 x 2030 (www.90×

Voiceover: Jo Aitken

Song “Lacrimae” by Moby

Script: Isobel Braithwaite and Nick Watts

  1. Brad Steeg says

    I'm not against adding clean energy generation — we need all we can get — but climate change just isn't a big threat. We won't even be genetically human by 2050. We'll be biologically engineered cyborgs. People need to stop panicking over this.

  2. Jordan Bird says

    Global warming is bogus, it's weather patterns. The ice caps went up in the past few years, and polar bears have steadily increased in population. It's a money scam.

  3. MrSleeps says

    thanks for the laugh i needed it today.

  4. Louloe says

    Fukashima is the main threat now.  300,000 gallons of radioactive water dumping into the ocean everyday for 1200 days now.  A constant cloud going up into the atmosphere.  Along with multiple china syndromes still melting into the earth.  And still not one news channel will do more then a 30 sec blip on the issue.  Oh yeah, GE built those, and the same ones are all over the country on active fault lines.

    BTW, its been said that one volcano can produce as much CO  in one day as the entire human race can for a year.  Well for the last several years, there have been about 40 plus active volcano's with an ever growing number.  CO increase could never come from that.  So lets figure out a way to convince the people its their own action's, and tax them some how.  Which is what it will come down to.  

    Mean while, as Fukishama burns daily, your insurance company's passed a an action in all active accounts, that if you should get cancer from a radioactive particle found in the environment, that they are not liable to cover your health benefits.  Quaint aye?  Think they know something is up?  Maybe the increase in cancer numbers, still births, and illness'es on the west coast might be a hint?  Nah don't point that out.  Its Global warming due to people.  Even though for the last 3 decades, every vehicle and device has been stream line for energy consumption.  LMAO.. by the time most catch on to the reality of whats going on, it'll pry be to late for everyone.

  5. Alex Ownz says

    Getting people to walk and cycle? That will never happen

  6. Thomas Anderson says

    Climate change is changing our economy, health and communities in diverse ways. Scientists warn that if we do not help climate change now, the results will likely to be horrific. 

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