Clash of Clans – FOOTBALL RAID!


We go BEAST MODE up in champs in clash of clans!

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Hey Guys Bryan Here Been Playing Clash of Clans Pretty Much since the game came out! My Channel Offers High Th10 Level Champ Gameplay as well as low Th7, Th8, and Th9 Gameplay. I do a lot of base build for all townhalls and make fun series like y’all’s favorite Gemming to Max! I have bought tons of Gems on clash about $4400 Worth. Going back I would rather just farm it out but oh wells! Hope you guys enjoy my clash of clans channel 🙂

  1. Glory Jang says

    You left my clan along time ago why?????

  2. Luke Yoffe says

    Dude you used to be so much more entertaining, but now u have a childish intro and very few and short videos. Can you please go back to the way you used to be? If not I will unsibscribe.

  3. 420 69 says


  4. Samgoesham 46 says

    I just started my own clash of clans channel! I will post a new video every sunday. If you could go watch my first video and leave a like and maybe even subscribe, that would be greatly appreciated! First 100 subscribers will be entered into a 10$ itunes and google play giveaway! Thankss!

  5. ShamFinest says

    Actually it's the opposite side of 45 yard line so 😬. Marshawn Lynch is a boss!

  6. elias nikroo says

    Hey nice intro but it's kinda too childish

  7. Salbiah A.Razak says

    I town hall level 6

  8. nandan konety says

    Football is played with feet and a ball not what Americans call football

  9. cm_controversy says

    hello guys! join my clan: Number 14
    Thanks for playing! Clash On!

  10. Mr Clasher says


  11. Name says


  12. Dawson nguon says

    I live in Seattle so I like the Seahawks

  13. Rgregz says

    Thats not football you idiot. The real football is the one you americans call soccer. Flagged for misleading title

  14. Christopher Robin says

    Hey guys go and check out my new YouTube channel clash with Cwis for daily clash of clans gameplay and remember to like and subscribe thank you

  15. Just Awesome says

    Worst intro ever… How old are you? So childish

  16. D_Range 211 says

    You might be on to something here… My biggest problem as a TH 9 is I cant deal with the inferno towers without a freeze spell. this might work! What do you thing Bj?

  17. Smashin Holes says

    Nicw vid as always!!

  18. Ktran3 2 3 says

    Guys don't try to hack because hacks don't work like if you follow what I say

  19. Sam Freedman says

    It was pretty cool

  20. johnny0502car says


  21. Bert Edwards says

    LOL! this looks awesome to do! Hope everyone is having a great day

  22. Jake Kittel says

    I don't like your new intro, sorry it just seems babyish

  23. Corpse Mafia says

    TOUCH DOWN!!!!!

  24. uhSpice says

    y does the caveman look like you

  25. Lawrence John says

    Love a bit of football in clash

  26. luffytrace1 says

    football is the game where they play with their feet and using a ball

  27. Bjorn Maessen says

    And love the New intro

  28. Any thing says


  29. Bjorn Maessen says

    Clash of clans of cours i mean

  30. Bjorn Maessen says

    bjcandive How many accounts do you have ??

  31. Bjorn Maessen says

    Nice video man

  32. Msboxer 25 says


  33. BjCanDive says

    BOOM Baby these golems can take a hit or 2!

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