Christian Bale Explains 'The Dark Knight Rises' Ending | Entertainment Weekly


Christian Bale, who plays Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, explains the ending of the film from him perspective during an interview on SiriusXM.
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Christian Bale Explains ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Ending | Entertainment Weekly

  1. Ross Coe says

    The dark Knight rises was total and utter garbage

  2. Tolga Sözen says

    Never even though one second that it was a dream

  3. Trump My Love says

    Trump 2020

  4. MikeVernon Productions says

    The best Batman/Bruce Wayne by a country mile

  5. James Connelly says

    Now he needs to explain how not a single person at that cafe recognized billionaire Bruce Wayne.

  6. Lippy Da Lips says

    I wish Christian Bale did more Batman Movies could of done 10 and I still would have watched them all😁🇬🇧👍

  7. Marcus says

    Fuck Christian bale may the lord be with u

  8. One Plus2 says

    These men got my respect. Two fold.

  9. Motorcar Classics says

    Still the best batman

  10. AwkwardRenegade says

    It's way to cliche for it to be real, I always interpreted it as it being Alfred's imagination, and a metaphor for death being freeing in a way.

  11. A B says

    Bale is English?? How have I gone my whole life not knowing this

  12. Alexander says

    Christian Bale is a fucking legend for this answer.

  13. Chris Sims says

    Christian Bale wasn’t the best Batman…he was The Batman.

  14. bollocksnlilies says

    still my favourite batman

  15. Gonzo Balls says

    All I hear is that mortal kombat music when Batman flew offsrsly?

  16. Raj says

    Mr. Bale is really passionate about the role and you can see here he's really thoughtful.

  17. epic paco says

    Its a better ending if its a dream and batman actually dies, just sayin'

  18. Natedawg38 says

    Bale was a good batman but rises really stank

  19. Raddopie says

    wha? how did batman survive a giant exploitation ?

  20. Treblinka says

    Peter griffin called, he said “hey Lois! I’m on the phone’ then he says “I hate Jews” and o said fu!@&@ck off peter griffin

  21. Addidas Abbibi says

    Batman would never quit and ride off into the sunset to take a permanent European vacation w a criminal. The war on crime is his burden and he also would not pass the mantle onto a beat cop. The ending of Dark Knight Rises was such a letdown to an otherwise great trilogy of films. Nothing beats Batman Begins.

  22. Cam Era says

    Perfect ending imo. I honestly don't know how it could have been bettered.

  23. TrueSake says

    Rises was extremely disappointing. After the masterpiece of the Dark Knight, the third installment was just plain awful to watch.

  24. Decky says

    I hate that the ending SHOWS Bruce and Selina. It should have just shown Alfred smiling and raising his glass.

  25. SorroW says

    Joel Edgerton fought Batman and Bane

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