Chefast Food Tents – The Best Picnic & Outdoor Food Covers


Do you want to protect your delicious summer feasts this season?
Have you had it with all these “little guys” crawling along the picnic table and spoiling your barbeque?
Do you have friends who would love to protect their food when going outdoors?
Then It’s Time to Try These Popup Food Covers from Chefast!
Some food cover tents have a mesh cover but aren’t stretched tight underneath to provide full protection.
Our set includes five easy-up food tents in three sizes with band extensions to protect your food, day or night.
Plus, the entire setup folds flat and fits inside a convenient carry bag that can go any place where food needs protection.

Made with top-quality materials, including premium organza net and zinc-plated steel wire, these mesh food protectors are durable enough to guard your spectacular spreads for years to come.
Now you can bring food protection anywhere it’s needed and ensure you’re the only ones to eat your food!
Easy To Clean, Fold And Store
Just clean the netting with soap and water, push the button to fold it flat, and toss it into the included carry bag. It couldn’t be easier!

At the moment, Chefast offers 3 variations:

1. A set of 5 tents in 3 sizes and a carry bag
2. A set of 4 tents in 3 sizes and a carry bag
3. A set of 3 tents in 3 sizes and a carry bag

Want to learn more about Chefast and our collection of kitchen tools and accessories? Visit us today at and

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