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I always thought Rocky Road candy was named after the ice cream, but that’s not the case. Apparently, it appeared in Australia back in the late 1850’s, and that’s what inspired the ice cream. There’s a lot of controversy as to who was responsible for this candy-to-frozen-dessert conversion, but there’s no debating the fact that chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts are a fantastic combination, no mater the delivery system. Enjoy!

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  1. Keith Wilson says

    Chef John makes 16 rocky roads, eats one, and then arranges 16 rocky roads on a platter. Amazing chef!

  2. Matt Justaddwata says

    Never use dark chocolate. If you want to do it right (australian style) use a quality milk chocolate (think cadbury – not hershey). Cut up large marshmallows, use gummies (not super tough gummy bears – softer gellies) and use equal parts of each (not too heavy on the nuts). Be sure to make more than you think you should – people will take a lot more than you will expect!!

  3. Joe Kokasko says

    Going to make this for my second wife. She loves chocolate with nuts.

  4. Becca B says


  5. James Katen says

    I might be able to resist smoothing the top, but there's no way that I'm not going to give the pan the ooold tappa tappa.

  6. Richard Rauch says

    ….damn chocolate takes forever to melt

  7. Cooking With Monty says

    Literally just shut up, stop talking and pausing mid-word and mid-sentence. Like holy, flint, Michigannug , just, coook, Johnn.

  8. 2listening1 says

    “A little touch of Veggiemite” lol

  9. Appa says

    Anyone knows his only fans?

  10. N3K0_ TR0N says

    I learned today that Rocky Road was invented by Australians in 1853 as a means to disguise spoiled imported European candy with lots of freshly grown nuts and cheap chocolate (kind of similar to Peposo, where Florence terracotta workers disguised unfresh meat with black peppercorns and wine while slow cooking it in pots). Absolutely loved this recipe though

  11. Hami G says

    I made it! It was so easy to make and came out really good! Thank you chef John! You’re awesome. 👌🏻🙏

  12. Biggus Dickus says


  13. Cibeles Sanz says

    And here we have another delicious recipe from the great Chef John specially made for anyone with a sweet tooth! Thank you for uploading!

  14. Juls Haywood says

    Love it! Think I will try this for the holidays!

  15. Raycefan says

    You cannot know how disappointed I am to see you didn’t add the most complimentary spice ever made for chocolate:
    Cayenne pepper

  16. Poor Redneck World says

    This looks good…. BUT I would add some coffee powder. Like instant capachino!!!

  17. Mrs. Norris says

    That looks lovely. I’d definitely try it. Thank you chef john!! 🧡🧡

  18. Febeel Musthafa says

    Can we use honey instead of maple syrup? 🤔

  19. Brian Schlottmann says

    I tried making this twice tonight using the recipe on Allrecipes. However, in both cases the chocolate froze up as soon as the butter was incorporated. It never became smooth and glossy, even temporarily. I'm not certain, but it seems that the amount of butter may be incorrect in the written recipe. It calls for only 3 tablespoons. In the video it easily looks like 6.

  20. Patricia Cardoso says

    No vegemite in our rocky road John 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤🇦🇺

  21. Rey Vuitton says

    Chef John!! Can you please do a salmon burger if some sort??

  22. Katrina Middleton says

    This looks so good!

  23. Recipes 311 says


  24. Diane Greene says

    Does anyone here know what brand mixer Chef uses?

  25. Diane Greene says

    There's a quilt pattern called "Rocky Road to Kansas." There may be something going on here we don't know about. Hm.

  26. Matic Matic says

    Rocky road or as I like to call it: chocolate with stuff in it.

  27. Laura Molen says

    I stirred too soon. 😡

  28. Kreistor says

    No maple syrup! This Canadian calls your pantry shameful.

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